Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Twenty + Ten

Seems like most blogs are doing a year in review post, and I'm not entirely sure my memory is long enough to get back to January. (Isn't that weird? Can't remember the last year, but I can still tell you the names of everyone in my 6th grade class. Loony.)

So, instead, I thought I'd tell you my 20+10 list...20 things I accomplished or great memories from the year, and 10 goals I have or things I didn't accomplish last year but will this year. Sound good? Let's get started (in no particular order).

1. I was promoted to Marketing & Fundraising Director for our organization. Woohoo. Not only was this awesome because I really do love this piece of my job and all the challenges that come with it (I'm still doing a day a week in HR as well)...I was just thrilled to be working full time again. My hours were cut January 1, and I was back to full time by the beginning of May. Thank. Goodness.
2. I started this blog, launched Vogt Design Co. & finally figured out what I want to do in my life.
3. Mike & I celebrated our 1st anniversary in Estes Park, CO.
4. We met our amazing foster nieces this year (Kayla, Angel & Lexi) and love them to pieces...and already miss Angel & Lexi like crazy. 

5. We welcomed Scooter & Buster (our calves) to the family, and I'm adjusting to all sorts of new (disgusting) smells on our farm. (The picture is of Scooter, we got Buster later on)
6. We started our new patio & my awesome brother-in-law finished it, and we were able to enjoy it for the first time this fall.
7. I participated in the Week in the Life project and haven't put my album together yet, but at least the pictures and the journaling are there :) (You can read all those posts in my May archives)
8. I rediscovered my love of junking, and spent many hours in antique and junk shops, and Mike & I made our first trip together to the Walnut, IA antique walk in June.
9. Mike got me the most amazing birthday present ever, my new DSLR camera. I still love it to pieces and think it's the best present imaginable.
10. Miss Molly made it through 2 years of her little life, and quite frankly, I'm shocked. She has no idea how dangerous some of her behavior is (playing in the street, chasing tractors, licking cow hooves). Don't think we don't try to stop this ridiculousness, but she inherited her mommy's stubbornness.
11. We (Mike & I & his family) canned over 12 dozen jars of pickles and at least 4 dozen jars of peaches. It was a good year for produce in our family.
12. I spent much time at craft shows trying to get rid of some of the stuff I make :)
13. There was much home decor going on, including my living room (which has changed again since this post), my guest room, and my craft room.
14. Mike & I became Night Hawks fans (the Omaha UFL team) and spent an evening at one of the best football game I've ever been to, and many more evenings listening to their games on the radio or computer.
15. We also spent our fall evenings attending many Elmwood-Murdock volleyball and football games. Great way to spend a fall.
16. We spent a lot of summer evenings at Game Night with Mike's family til the wee hours of the morning...ah, Phase 10, I love ya.
17. We hosted Christmas eve dinner at our house, and had one of the most relaxing holiday weekends of my life...we're truly blessed to be able to take part in all the celebrations we do.
18. I discovered many of my favorite blogs this year, and spend countless hours reading my favorite ones over and over.
19. This has been an amazing year for good news in our family (and extended family of friends) - Brent & Saranne got engaged, Kara & Javier had beautiful baby Raven, Eric & Karie got engaged, Jessica & Paul had handsome baby David, Sean & Danielle got married, Maria & Andy had precious Nora (who I finally got to meet the other day...such a sweetheart!), Amber & Josh got married, my brother met Nicole (and I love her to pieces), Cheri & Kevin had little Kirstin (who I still need to meet!)...and I'm sure there's more I'm not even remembering right now. Seriously, this was an amazing year so many people in our lives, and us by extension.
20. The best part of this year is that I got to spend it with my husband. Sappy is it sounds (and is), I'm so glad that I got to experience all of this with my very best friend and the love of my life!

1. I will redecorate my dining room. Has to be done.
2. Project Life will happen. Maybe not in the way I'm currently imagining it, but it will be a completed project by this time next year.
3. I'd like to actually think about starting a family this year.
4. I'd like to come up with a way to be more organized at home. Seems a lot of our time is spent running around, catching up, being tired, and entirely too busy. I want to enjoy the things we do rather than thinking about the next thing we have to get done.
5. I'd like to make some progress on my Etsy store, and gain some business for Vogt Design Co. in some way or another.
6. I want a new puppy. I think I've almost gotten Mike talked in to it. Molly needs a friend :)
7. I'd like to learn more about my camera and photography so I can take better pictures and really use my camera to it's potential.
8. I want to take more time for things I really enjoy...whether it's sitting down and reading a good book (on my new Nook...thanks hubby!), or spending time with friends scrapbooking and making cards. I need that time for me to make my life more balanced.
9. I want to cook more meals...I've gotten into a very bad habit of going out for lunch, and picking up fast food on the way home for dinner. It's so ridiculous and expensive. I love to cook, I just need to get back in the habit of doing it every night.
10. I want to redesign my garden in such a way that I can actually keep up with it....we always get plenty from our garden, but I can't imagine how awesome it would be if we gave it the time and attention it deserves. We'd definitely be on our way to being more self-sufficient.

Whew! That was harder than I thought it would be...especially the Twenty part. I remember having a really good year, but the details took some thinking.

Anyway...I hope 2010 was great for you all, and that 2011 will be even better! (I also hope my Project Life kit comes today...I'm seriously obsessing!)

Happy Tuesday!

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