Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm Dreaming Of...

  • The ability to hang up my coat when I come home in the evening (our coat rack fell down on Christmas day. We've decided to retire it and figure out a new alternative.) Oh, and maybe a reason to have all those adorable little coats.
  • Having a table next to our sofas so we can actually set our drinks somewhere other than the floor (where Molly likes to share.)
  • This kind of ridiculous organization in my pantry. Hello, gorgeous.
  • This bathroom. And the ability to shower without walking into my freezing cold basement.
  • Having a reason to have a closet like this.
  • Turning this (my current potting shed, on the left...sorry, best picture I have of the ugliness)

             Into this

  • Curling up here

Happy Dreaming!

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