Friday, January 28, 2011

Oh, For Heaven's Sake...

(I say Oh, for Heaven's sake all the time and someone told me last week she hadn't heard that phrase since her grandma passed away...which made me smile, because I picked the phrase up from hearing my grandma saying it while we were growing up)

Here I thought writing that post earlier in the week would get me back on track with blogging and taking photographs. I thought once things calmed down, I'd get right back into the swing of things. Ha. When I saw how long it had been since I posted regularly, I actually said, "Oh, for Heaven's sake" under my breath, to myself.

Apparently, I'm more worn out than I thought. I took a nap last night when I got home from work...it lasted 90+ minutes! Then I was back in bed not 2 hours later and slept through the night. I guess I needed the rest.

So, in honor of that, how about some heavenly bedrooms? (Groan)

(All the above pictures are from Country Living)

(Ashley Ann's daughter's room...so stinking cute!)

(I can't remember where I saw this, sorry!!)

And on a completely unrelated note...I want my dining room table to look like this when we get our giant table....

(Also from Country Living)

I'm really aching to get started on my dining room makeover (at least the parts I can do now), but I haven't done anything because I'm still looking for window treatments. I don't want to just settle on something because I feel like I did that the last time I decorated the dining room, but I'm getting so impatient!

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

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