Monday, January 03, 2011

Hello, Organization

Are you like me? At the start of the new year, do you get obsessed with organizing? I do a little spring cleaning, but most of my "spring cleaning" stuff seems to happen around the first of year. I want to de-clutter and organize and think about how we can make our house run more efficiently.

Why is it that I don't want to cook dinner at night? Well, probably because I'm too lazy to take meat out of the freezer each morning, especially if I didn't already have to walk downstairs. What solution can we come up with for this? (I'm thinking we'll have a bin that goes from the deep freezer in the basement to the refrigerator upstairs, and I can plan out what meat I'll need for the week. Then it can defrost all at once, and I don't have to wait on it each night when I should be cooking. Plus, my lazy butt can handle one trip to the freezer each week.)

Why is it that when we do go grocery shopping (which really only happens every 6 weeks or so), I can't find room to put things away? Well, probably because even though I have a huge pantry, it's not exactly organized. Everything has it's place, but when the cereal box won't fit on the cereal shelf (as 50% of them don't), it ends up on the snack shelf. And let's face it, I'm not going to be eating rice chex for a snack unless they're covered in the seasoning for chex mix and baked at 250 degrees for an hour. But when the rice chex are in the spot for my Lays, and the Lays are left out on the counter, guess where I go for a snack? Why, it's right to the bag of 'tater chips that's hanging out on my pantry counter.

Speaking of pantries, how beautiful are these?

The first one is from Becky Higgins' pantry makeover, the other two I've managed to lose the sources for.

(By the way, do you feel like it's a sign that you're getting older when you start thinking pantries are fun to look at? Or when you're excited to get a new vacuum? My husband says I used to be fun...)

Oh, and how about this for organized? (Also from Becky Higgins)

We don't have a ton of bathroom "stuff", but as we're looking in to moving our master bedroom to the main level, we'll be combining our "linen closet" with what will become our dresser. (Our dresser doesn't actually fit into any of our bedrooms, but it's currently hanging out in the hallway just outside our bedroom. However, there's absolutely nowhere for it to go on the first floor, so it will become storage for now until we have kids living on the second floor.) In order to fit all of our bathroom stuff, plus dresser stuff in this one built-in closet and 3 drawers, it's going to take some real organizing.

I'm going to try to be motivated and not let my follow-through issues get the best of me this organization season. Traci at Beneath My Heart and her sister Cyndi are hosting a series of tips on Organizing your Heart & Home. I think I shall join in, for at least a couple of the projects (their series includes closets, kitchens, bathroom and laundry room).

How about you? Will you be joining in? Which area in your home needs the most organizing? And when do you find yourself getting that urge to get things in order?

Happy Monday, all!

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