Monday, May 24, 2010

Week in the Life: Days 4-7

Um, yeah. It's been a long time since I've blogged. Which means my WITL album will suffer since I was terrible at taking notes. But, here we go.

Day 4 (Tuesday):
I spent a long time trying to wake up on Tuesday morning. My back was still killing me, but I knew I couldn't stay home from work for an entire day again. I have too much going on, plus I feel guilty not being at work when I'm supposed to be. So, I decided I'd go in for half a day.

  • There was a Law & Order: SVU marathon on. It was a miracle I still went to work. I could have easily sat there all day and watched that.
  • I actually did get some work done, though it was very painful. I couldn't really sit still, but it hurt to be on my feet too much. Needless to say, I just wanted to be home.
  • Mike called me on the way home and asked if I wanted pizza. Uh, hello, of course I do :)
  • Tuesday is the night of all our favorite tv shows, so I sat in my uncomfy couch (which was good for my back) and watched Glee & Parenthood. Good times.
Day 5 (Wednesday):
I must have done something in the middle of the night to my back, so I could barely move when I woke up on Wednesday. I wasn't planning on staying home, but there was nothing I could do about it. I txted my boss, and she finally told me to stop worrying about it and just rest. So, I did.

  • Again, there weren't a lot of highlights when I was laying around doing nothing. I don't particularly enjoy that.
  • I did get to spend the day with Mike. His normal day off is Wednesdays, and he was very sweet and helpful again. I picked the right guy :)
  • Mike made dinner for us. We had our doctored version of Philly cheese steaks. Normally, we make them the traditional way...that night, we made them over rice. Because we didn't have any buns. Or bread. They still tasted yummy.
  • We watched NCIS, our joint favorite show. It might be the only show we actually agree on. And it was a good one.
  • I laid on the couch with Mike for awhile and when I got up, I noticed my back was a lot looser. It felt so awesome, I did a little dance. Yes, I'm a dork.
Day 6 (Thursday):
My first full day at work in a week. Let me tell you, it was a long day. I came back to a lot of work to do, of course, so that helped it go by quickly.

  • To promote HIPAA compliance at work, some of the girls and I donned ridiculously ugly animal hats (I was a crab), danced a conga line through the hallways, and passed out pens to the employees who could tell us why HIPAA was important. It was awesomely embarrassing, but we had fun.
  • I was on a quest for a new purse. Sometimes, I just get those ideas in my head. So, I went to TJ Maxx and Marshall's to see if I could score any good deals. I did - it's a really cute Jessica Simpson brown leather purse. So cute.
  • While at TJ Maxx, I chatted with a woman who had a shopping cart overflowing (literally) with purses. She told me she knew she needed to decide, but couldn't figure out which ones she loved best. She told me she'd have to lose at least 3 of them. Oh, big sacrifice. I laughed all the way to my car.
  • Mike wanted Qdoba for dinner. Who am I to argue? Yummy yummy 3-cheese nachos.
Day (Friday):
Finally, the last day! I've been awful at this and am really glad to be done with it. It is just not second nature for me to pick up a camera and take pictures of everything. Particularly because my life is generally two-natured: 1) I'm alone, and completely boring - reading a book or watching tv OR 2) I'm with people constantly (work, family, friends) and these people don't necessarily buy in to my picture taking theories. In fact, most of them won't let me take posed pictures of them, let alone candids. I made it to work again, a full day, woohoo! It was another very busy day.

  • We're wrapping things up with the preparations for the golf benefit. I'm really really really enjoying my new role in the marketing department.
  • I went shopping at Archiver's after work. Yeah, I could have spent all night in there, but I didn't. I've been so inspired with things I've been seeing on blogs recently, and after going to the farmer's market last weekend, I just wanted to create. Granted, I didn't need to buy more things to do that, but there were some things I wanted. I can't wait to try everything out.
  • I headed to Barnes & Noble to kill some more time. I love that place. One of their salespeople gave me a full demo of the new Nook (their version of the Kindle). I've wanted a Kindle since it came out, but haven't brought myself to buy it or ask for it for a gift. After seeing the Nook up close, I definitely want one. It's such an awesome little machine. I told Mike to head to B&N for Christmas :) I also used the gift card Mike's grandma gave me for Christmas (finally) to buy the new novel in the Sookie Stackhouse series. YAY! I love those crazy vamps. (By the way, I started it Friday night when we got home - I finished within 24 hours.)
  • Mike's Uncle Greg & Aunt Joyce surprised us with a visit in the evening. They've never been to our house, so it was nice to have them there and show them around just a little. We had a nice visit with them for sure.
  • Just as they were leaving, Mike's sister and brother-in-law pulled in. We knew they were coming over at some point to talk about the trees we wanted to buy for the little orchard we're all planting together on our farm. We came up with a whole list of plants that we need to hurry up and get ordered. Can't wait to start picking all of our fruits (like, 2 years from now).
  • Molly didn't get eaten by a coyote. I thought she did. I was in full panic mode when I heard coyotes howling, a dog yelping, and Molly was outside. She didn't come when she was called, which is typical, but come on. I was very very very freaked out. Fortunately, she did end up running from the opposite direction of the coyotes and had this look on her face like "What the heck is your problem, Ma? I was playin'." I picked her up, squeezed her, and brought her in the house. She is no longer allowed out after dark.
So, that's that. A week in my life. Boring, right? I'm okay with that. This was the craziest week to do it, because of what was going on with my back, but it's not like I planned it, obviously. I'm hoping to start working with the pictures this week or this weekend, and maybe I'll have an album made in the next week or two. Ha. That never happens, but I'm trying :)

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