Friday, May 14, 2010

Week in the Life Album - Products

I mentioned yesterday that I was sticking with 3 neutral colors and 1 accent color throughout the entire album. I've now committed myself to that :) I'll be using white, black & kraft cardstock all from Papertrey Ink (who just launched an awesome new website yesterday, by the way). The accent color will be a robin's egg blue, from Bazzill:

It looks much less green in person.

Then all I needed was an album & some baseball card style page protectors. These are We R Memory Keepers brand:

My album is actually black leather, but same style as this one.

It's been a really long time since I've scrapbooked in 8.5x11 size...like, since high school. I went through a 12x12 phrase through most of college, and now, I stick to 8x8, when I actually create something. I went with 8.5x11 because most of my paper is that size. I didn't want to buy a bunch of 12x12 cardstock just for one project. So, I'll adjust.

I also found these really awesome stickers from 7 gypsies, which coordinate perfectly with my theme and also happen to have some phrases on them that I think will be perfect on my pages:

Cute right? What I don't use, I'll use on some other project because these stickers are adorable.

So, after coupons and some stuff on sale, my grand total was something like $22. Awesome, right? I know I've spent money on the supplies I already had, and I will spend money to have the pictures printed, but all told, that's an awesome total for a scrapbook project.

I warned Mike this morning that I'd be starting this project first thing tomorrow. I'm going to take my camera to bed with me even :) He whined, of course, because that's what he does, but I'm getting really excited to start photographing. First up on the agenda: farmer's market (my first of the season!) and then a trip to Wal-mart. I'm sure that'll make for some fun stories :)

I'll post pictures each day (hopefully!) at the end of the day or the next morning so you all can sort of see the process.

Happy Friday, y'all!

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