Thursday, May 13, 2010

Week in the Life Album - The Content

I'm so much of a planner that I actually had to sit down and think about what I would photograph to put in my album. If I just went with the flow of things, I would probably end up with a couple of pictures of the dog and whatever we eat for dinner. So, I'm planning ahead.

So, here are the things I want to be sure to take pictures of:
  • Our morning routine (including Molly's routine)
  • Drive to/from work
  • Typical day at work
  • Mike's typical day at work (I'm sending a camera to work with him one day...we'll see how it works)
  • After work tasks, whatever I do to kill time
  • Food preparation
  • Our hobbies
  • Our home
I also plan to save things to include as memorabilia, along with all the photos:
  • Paycheck or stub
  • Receipts
  • Shopping lists or to-do lists (I'm a list maker)
  • Mail or letters (if we get anything worth remembering)
I'm trying to think of this album as something my kids and their kids will look back at someday when they want to know how Mike & I lived before they came along. So, I thought about what I'd like to know about my parents or grandparents back then, and I'll try to include some of the following elements somehow:
  • What were they like when they were first married?
  • When they were planning their families?
  • What did they talk about over dinner?
  • Did they have any nicknames for each other?
  • What did their handwriting look like?
  • What were their favorite meals or snacks?
  • What did they do for fun?
Some of those questions are going to be hard to convey through pictures, so I'll probably do more journaling about them. We'll see how it goes and if I can come up with something more creative.

I'm hoping to go shopping for a few supplies (album, page protectors, maybe some patterned paper) tonight, so I'll probably be showing you the basics of that tomorrow.

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