Thursday, May 06, 2010

Goings On & Garden Beginnings

I'm learning to adjust to working full time again. I know some of you are reading this and saying, "Oh, boo hoo. Welcome to our lives." I know, I know. I've been working full time since I was 21, and moving to part-time hours was definitely not my choice. That being said, I was working 3 days a week for 4 months...I sort of got into a rhythm. I like having days to sleep in. It means I can work later into the evening, which is a huge blessing when you don't get home until 8pm.

Anyway, this is my first week of full-time hours in a long time. Like I said, it's an adjustment. The cool thing is that I love being at work right now. My new role is so interesting and challenging. I love it. It's nothing I haven't worked on before, but it's so nice to be able to do something new for this particular organization.

We've still been trying to carpool. Someday, I need to write a post our efforts toward being green and the special challenges we face living in the middle of nowhere. Even though it means longer days, I'm thankful that we've managed to do it all week. It means 2 extra hours of time I get to spend with my husband.

Mike works 4, 10-hour days, so he has Wednesdays off to do things around the farm. Which means that I'm rushing home on Wednesday to spend an entire evening with him. Seriously, it's the small things that make me ridiculously happy. 5 hours at home with my husband instead of the 1 I usually get in the evening = pure bliss.

I got home relatively early last night, about 6pm (later than I wanted by an hour, but still really early compared to other days). We went right to work planting the garden. Our garden is pretty big, so we have to work on it in stages. Mike was able to till about half of it last night so I could get my tomatoes, peppers and brussel sprouts in the ground. We planted several kinds of everything, but I can't remember exact numbers this morning. I plan to take some pictures tonight, so I'll count then. I would guess we planted about 15 tomatoes, 8 cherry tomatoes, 7 bell peppers, 8 or so jalapenos, 12 brussel sprouts, and one cabbage plant. Woof.

Seeing it in print like that makes it seem excessive. Trust me, it's not. I will also be writing a post shortly on our aspirations of being mostly self-sufficient in the ways of food. We haven't planted any seeds yet, so I imagine that will be next week's project, after Mike gets the other half of the garden tilled. We also have 10 strawberry plants, a raspberry bush, and some grapes we need to get into the ground.

After ALL that is done, I can finally focus on buying some more plants for my make-shift herb garden, and then for my flower gardens. Here's hoping my thumb isn't too brown this year.

Pictures of my early garden to come :)

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