Monday, October 03, 2011

Introducing...Printable Collections by Vogt Design Co.

Happy Monday all!

This is a post I meant to write last Monday, but Sunday a cold/flu/something punched me in the face and I've been knocked out ever since. I thought I was getting better toward the end of last week, but I may have done too much this weekend after an entire week of nothing. I don't sit still very well, so I was dying to get out of the house. Apparently, one trip out and I was done. I spent all day yesterday on the couch, wishing for another day of naps and praying for an end to what seems to be the longest cold/flu/something ever. {I'm a bit over-dramatic. I'm not dying, and I'll be fine. I just haven't really been sick since the swine flu incident prior to my wedding. Not a fun memory.}

Anyway, I decided to start creating some printable collections to list in my Etsy store. I haven't been feeling much in my craft room lately, but I have been spending a lot of time behind the computer, and this is a happy medium, I think. I've been making labels, favor tags, birthday decor, etc. for quite awhile now, but didn't ever think of making pretty printable versions to sell. You can check out a couple of my printed goodies that I've shared before by clicking here {Last Minute Valentines, Michael's Birthday Preview, Happy Birthday Michael!}

You can check out my Etsy store here: Vogt Design Co. for a sneak preview {okay, not really, these have been listed for a week}, or you can look for posts to come. I'll be introducing at least a couple of the sets individually, and I have 3 or 4 more to list this week as soon I'm feeling well enough to take appropriate photos of them. It's a giant pain in the rear to not be able to do something you want to do right away! I'll hopefully also be including some Pinterest inspirations to help you in creating an entire party in the theme of the printable collection. {You may even see more than one post from me today.}

Have a great week everyone!

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