Monday, October 10, 2011

Fingers Crossed

Happy Monday all!

I'm terrible at getting my hopes up and then getting disappointed by things. I set really high expectations and, often, life falls short. That's okay...disappointment really just means that I cared enough to want something. However...I thought it might be a fun post to write about what I'm hoping for today.

Fingers crossed, we will have many more happy years of marriage beyond these first 2 {Happy Anniversary, Husband!}

Fingers crossed, the beautiful house we visited yesterday will be our home one day.

Fingers crossed, dinner tonight will be an awesome, stress-free time for us to talk about some big decisions in our life.

Fingers crossed, the apple spice cake I ordered from our lovely cake baker and friend at Drizzles {check Mary Pat out here on Facebook} will taste as amazing as it did on our wedding day 2 years ago {who knew she'd come up with a creation that we love even more than red velvet?}

Fingers crossed, it won't snow today like it did on our wedding day :)

Fingers crossed, I'll get my last Halloween-themed printable collection listed on Etsy this week before it's too late.

Fingers crossed, the stressful part of this year is almost done and we can take time to enjoy the very best {in my opinion} time of the year...autumn, football season, Thanksgiving & Christmas.

Fingers crossed, Mike's new job {that he started today} will be an awesome opportunity for him and he will love it just as much as he loved his old job.

It's so nice to be hopeful about things, to look forward to changes that are coming our way, and to know that no matter what happens, I have the best husband to share all of it with! I'm feeling extremely blessed right now!

I hope you all have something to be hopeful about!

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