Monday, October 17, 2011


We got the house!! Yay :) I'm so excited, this weekend was extremely emotional and so good in so many ways. The best things in our life happen in the fall and this new development is no exception.

*Photo disclaimer...most of these were taken in the evening with some not so great lighting...I will get better ones once we're moved in and have a bright day!
{View of the stairway from the front door}

Of course, I'll be adding all this to my Project Life album, should I ever actually include some content beyond the page protectors and title cards, so I wanted to blog a little about what I can remember {and to be honest, I'll probably just print this and put it in the album}. {Be prepared for a long post, with lots of pictures!}

{View of the entry from the living room}

I was extremely nervous all day and unfocused. We had scheduled an appointment with the current home owners to have another viewing and take everything in one more time. We also invited Mike's parents and his brother and sister-in-law to come with us for a "fresh" view - I was really nervous that my vision was clouded by how much I wanted to live in this house. I was so certain that this house was perfect for us, I was nervous that we might be disappointed seeing it for the second time. I also had thoughts of the house being sold by the time we got there - this happened to us a couple of times the last time we bought a house, so it wasn't completely unrealistic.

{Living room}

Turns out, I had nothing to be nervous about. The house was as beautiful as ever and I could really see us living there. Keri & Mark, the current owners, are awesome people and we loved chatting with them {in fact, we stayed to visit with them for 4 hours that evening!} My in-laws seemed to like the house as well, which is awesome...I know they would have been honest with me if we were missing something major.

When we left for the evening, it was 10:15, but I was on the phone to our realtor, telling her we wanted to make an offer. We set up some time to meet with Mark & Keri the next day and hash out the details of our offer. When we finally got home at 10:45 {for the first time since leaving for work at 6am that morning} we were exhausted, but really excited about this new possibility.

{Main floor bath}

We met with Mark & Keri and our realtor to discuss the offer. Our realtor told us it could be a lengthy process and could take a few hours. I was nervous again, though not as much this time, that something wouldn't work out. We really wanted this house! We worked together on some paperwork, Mark & Keri stepped out of the house {how awkward, we kicked them out of their own house!} so we could discuss the offer, and then we kicked ourselves out so they could think it over. The whole process didn't take more than an hour before our realtor sat us all down and said:

Congratulations, you just bought a house!

It didn't seem real! It still doesn't, to be honest. We were all so excited because I think that everyone got exactly what they were hoping for.

{Fire place}

We're planning to close and take possession on December 5th, which gives us just under 2 months. I love that we'll have so much time to pack and get our house in order because we were thinking this is something we wouldn't be worried about until next year! We can take our time, throw out and donate A LOT of things we don't need to move with us, and make sure that we're only moving the things that we really will use and value in our new home.

{Beautiful bay windows in what will become my craft studio/office}

The scary news is that because we close on a Monday, we won't be able to move in until December 10 {we can move some little things, of course, but the major stuff won't happen until we can have a lot of help}. That gives me exactly 2 weeks to get an entire house unpacked and decorated for Christmas, because I'm hosting Christmas eve dinner at my house!

{What will become the guest room}

Man, is that petrifying. It's hard enough for me to get everything done in the month of December, between buying and wrapping gifts, decorating, cleaning, working, getting Christmas cards out, etc. Now I've got to throw packing, moving, and unpacking in as well! But, if there was ever motivation to get it all done, this is it.

{Master bath vanity}

As thrilled as I am to be moving into this new home, I'm also a little sad. I love our current home so much. It's the first home Mike & I bought together, it was where we planned our wedding, and where we spend the first two years of our marriage. It's where I first fed a cow his bottle, where I had my first garden, and the only home our Abby Gator has ever known. It makes me so sad to think that in just a few months, we'll probably never see it again. I fell in love with this house from the minute I saw it, and it has been an amazing place to live.

{Master bedroom}

So, it's been a whirlwind of a weekend and these next couple of months are going to be pretty insane too! It's such an exciting time though, I'm just trying to focus on things and really live in the moment - enjoy the process, enjoy the last few weeks in our current home, and enjoy the process of thinking about how to turn this new house into our home.  

Have a great week all!

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