Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Roller Coaster

Good morning all!

I think I've talked before about how we found our house 3 years ago {probably almost to the day...} The husband {then fiance} and I had been house-hunting for almost 6 months. We'd put in offers on 4 other farms to have them all rejected for one reason or another. We'd even looked in town thinking that farm living might not be right for us. Nothing happened. One day I was in my office and got a text from Mike telling me to check out a listing he'd emailed to me. It was love at first sight. There were about 10 pictures in the listing and every single one of them made me feel like we were going to make this place our home. We called our realtor right away and asked if we could see it. We went that night, fell in love, jumped around a little bit, and asked her to put in an offer the following morning. Within 48 hours of seeing the listing, the house was ours. After months of emotional highs and lows, we finally had a place to call ours.

Now that we're talking about moving, I feel like we're at the bottom of a big hill on a roller coaster, once again. We had so many ups and downs during the first hunt, I swore we'd never go through it again. It was painful and exciting and frustrating and joyful and 6 months of anxiety for me {and to a lesser degree, my husband...he's much more laid back than I am}. Yet here we are, ready to make the leap once again.

We saw a house last night in passing that's almost exactly what we're looking for. Again, we've only seen the listing, but something about that tells me it's special. Now let me be clear here - we're not even technically looking yet. We decided not to put our house on the market until at least spring for a number of reasons, and we promised each other not to look until the house was at least on the market {but preferably sold}. The reason for that is exactly what happened last night - dealing with the disappointment of knowing we can't have this house. Wondering if we'll regret that we couldn't buy it, or comparing future houses we look at to a house we can't possibly buy.

Am I ready for this roller coaster again? There's so much going on in our lives right now and in the foreseeable future. Can we add all these emotions as well? I don't know. Add to the mix the sadness of leaving a house a love. A farm I wanted to see our future children running around. Is this something we really want to do? {Yet another reason to wait until spring to list the house...we need to be sure this is right for us.} When we moved before, we weren't leaving anything behind. This time, we'd be leaving a lot...memories, our first home together, lots of time and hard work. However, we'd be gaining a lot as well.

We have a lot to think about over the next few weeks and months. A lot of work to do. A lot of decisions to make. Either way, it looks like we've both signed up for a ride on this roller coaster.

I hope whatever roller coasters you're riding in your lives are worth the ups and downs! Have a great Wednesday :)

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