Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Project Life: January

Warning, this post is extremely photo heavy!

I'm pretty proud of myself...only February 2, and I placed an order today for the January photos. I really didn't keep up with them so well, and I think I'll do better as I get into the practice of taking photos more frequently, but I ordered 27 photos. Not bad for 31 days of the month!

Here we go (in semi-chronological order...I'll have to go back and look when I put them in the album):
Photo taken of our midnight toast!

A lazy Sunday on the couch...laughing at Molly

Chores. Feedin' my boys.

Working hard on Brent & Saranne's invitations

My Project Life finally arrived!

Kayla getting her block on at our first E-M game of the year.

Getting to see our Angel & Lexi in Neb City.

Divine Twine that finally arrived...love the colors!

Mike finally gave in and we're getting a puppy!

View from our living room window on the first snow day this year.

The first of my recipe cards for Project Life - Parmesan Paprika Pork (cutlets in this case)

Farmy sunset. We were actually home early enough to see it!

Long day of working on the website. Long.

Driving home from work. Also long.

All the ingredients for the rubs I made in preparation for butcher.

Scooter & Buster's view from their digs.

Remember these bad boys from my favorite things post? I got two pair this month!

Kayla, in a BB game against Palmyra. Stupid Panthers (We lost. Sad.)

Welcome home, Norman!

Buster & Scooter are getting so big.

Normy looks tired. He had a rough first day. He's feeling better now.

Miss Molly, checking up on her cows.

Me, at work. Who wants to see a random picture of me?

I've been seriously obsessing with fruit lately. We even made 3 trips to the grocery store this month so I could have more fresh fruit. (That's monumental since we normally go about once every 6 weeks)

And finally, the big announcement from Verizon that made me squeal. Cannot wait to renew my contract in July.

Now there's at least one photo I had printed that I didn't include because it has family addresses on it (for the invitations). And there are plenty of photos I wish I'd taken if I wasn't distracted by other things (for example, butchering, drinking Bubble Gum vodka with Mike's cousin Tyson, making these invitations, lunch with Mike's family last weekend, and so on). But, I'm not going to stress over it. What I'm going to do is write down as much as I can remember, even if I didn't get pictures of it, and make sure I do a better job next month. And the 10 months after that.

I started working on my journaling tonight, and it's more time consuming than I thought. I'm going to have to make a better effort to keep up with it next month. Good news is, I got about half way done, so yay me!!

For my Project Life buds, how's yours going? Are you managing to keep up, get in the swing of things and so on? And for those of you who aren't PL crazy like me, have I convinced you to buy one of these kits yet??

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