Friday, February 04, 2011

Christmas in...February??

Yeah, I'm a little slow to catch on. I realized Christmas was done over a month ago. I get it. However, I have this ridiculous desire to think about next year's Christmas tree already.

I don't know that I ever posted pictures of this year's tree. In fact, I'm not even sure I took pictures of this year's tree. How insane is that? Here you can see it from a distance (I was really taking a photo of my doorway garland to text to a friend):

But yeah, I realize you can't really see the details. So here they are (as if you care):
Lights - all white (about 800 on the tree this year)
Ornaments - a mix of multi-colored things. The majority are vintage scores from my grandparents' Christmas tree when they were first married. I love them and am so appreciative of them. Other things are gifts we've gotten from friends and family over the years, ornaments we pick up on our travels, and just random things that we like (for example, the metal cupcake I found at a store in Nebraska City...love it!)
Topper - a frosted glass & blingy piece that's from Target. It's vintage-inspired, and I liked the shape, but I'm still on the hunt for something better.
Skirt - a ridiculously inexpensive number from Walmart. It's red and has glitter on it. It's covered in gifts anyway, so I'm not too worried about it, but I'm also on the hunt for something I love. The search has been on for like 4 years now. Ugh.

I love my vintage ornaments. I love all the color on the tree, and all the ornaments that we've found together or that are special to use from over the years. In fact, I may even stray from my traditional white lights to multi lights just to bring out the color even more next year, and add some fun in our living room.

So anyway, about next year's tree. Hopefully by the time Christmas rolls around, my dining room will be made over (it freaking better be). And I've always wanted to put a tree in the corner of the dining room because the room is big and sort of Christmas bare (though this year I added the garland in the picture above in several places). I think the tree I'm picturing in my head will look just beautiful in my dining room :)

What I'm thinking of is a tree decked out in completely hand-made ornaments. Hand-made by yours truly. I'm thinking of things like glittered ornaments, which I currently sell at craft shows...monogrammed ornaments similar to these from PB:
 Picture from Prairie Cottage

I could add the felt garland I made in the garland picture above or figure out some sort of banner as garland. I love banners, you know.

I figure, as I'm making ornaments or whatever, I can make extra to sell at craft show and on Etsy. So, not only is this ridiculously late brainstorming session fun, it's also business-savvy. Or something.

Hey, maybe I'll even manage to make a skirt I love. With some ruffles on it. Because who doesn't love ruffles? :)

{Thank you, if you're still reading, for enduring my talk of Christmas. It's stopping now.}

In other exciting news, it's FINALLY Friday. For some reason, this week has seemed to drag on forever, and I am so ready for a relaxing weekend. Even though I have an aisle runner to design and a card order to complete, plus all the stuff for Michael's birthday. THAT'S the kind of work I love to do.

Happy weekend all! (And, though it pains me a little bit to say this...Go Packers! Because I'd much rather see them win than cheer for the Steelers!)

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