Tuesday, February 22, 2011


This weekend was exactly what I needed. Full of busy-ness and family and fun and so many good things. I'm feeling much better about life and all the stresses that come with it. Facing them today doesn't seem so hard after this weekend:

Friday we celebrated my sis-in-law's 29th (the sequel) birthday party with the fam. Playing cards, eating good food, and laughing. It's always a good time that keeps me out entirely too late.

Saturday, we welcomed sweet little Abby to our family. I've been wanting a new dog for a long time, and Mike has been wanting a husky, and this little booger met both our needs.
(No, he's not choking her, he's holding her by her chest. She doesn't like pictures and she loves to squirm...bad combo)

I just love her little fuzzy face and her fluffy white paws. She has a very sweet, gentle disposition. It doesn't take much to upset her, and she cries like crazy if someone isn't loving her when she wants it. I'm not used to a puppy who needs so much attention since Molly pretty much does her thing most of the time without us involved. She and Miss Molly seem to be getting along well as "sisters"...Molly puts up with her and shares the best she can, they fight every once in awhile, and I even caught them curled up together for a nap yesterday. It's so sweet.

I suspect you'll see a post this week on all the puppy things I want to remember about Abby. I wish I had one of those for Molly...every once in awhile, we'll think back to something she did as a puppy and just grin because she really has changed as she's grown up.

Saturday evening, we attended a band fundraiser for our nephew and got to hear him play his trumpet (and eat yummy food). Then I spent the evening baking away for Saranne's wedding shower on Sunday.

It was a dessert bonanza with everything we managed to put together for the shower. I haven't uploaded the pics yet, but it was really cute to see all the bite-sized desserts sitting on the table. I hope she had a good time!

Monday, I was exhausted (in a good way), and though I felt guilty (why do I always feel guilty??), I laid around and did a little bit of nothing. I enjoyed my puppies, took a nap with them, made dinner and cleaned a little, but was basically unproductive. I definitely didn't get out of my jammies all day. Lovely. Perfect end to an awesome weekend.

This week, I'm looking forward to a much less busy schedule. We need it after the January & February we've had. I want to invest some time in my house, get things more organized so I can stop feeling so stressed about the way we're using our storage, and finally start my dining room makeover! (Especially because I've already started planning a kitchen face lift...gah, one project at a time!)

Happy Tuesday, all!

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