Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Meet Abby

As I told you in yesterday's post, I have all sorts of things about Abby at this age that I want to remember. So, here's where I plan to do that. Be prepared for puppy overload.

  • Abby was born on 1/1/2011. I think that makes her pretty special already (plus, I'll never forget her birthday, unlike poor Molly, whose birthday I can never remember).
  • On her first day home, she immediately claimed Molly's bed as her own. It was pretty cute. She put one paw in the bed, looked back at Molly, put the another paw in the bed, looked back at Molly...and since two paws were okay, she figured all 4 would be and flopped herself down. With Molly's sheep (whose name is Sheepie...yes, we're creative in the toy naming department at the Vogt house).
  • She's scared (or was scared) of the hardwood floors in our house. Since only two rooms don't have hardwood (the kitchen and the living room), she was kind of stuck in them. It was pretty handy the first couple of days because we could leave the baby gate open in the kitchen (so Molly could come and go) and put Abby in there with us. She was stuck in there without excluding Molly. Then, Molly took her toy and ran into the dining room, thinking she was being sneaky about it, and Abby got brave and decided the hardwood isn't so scary after all.
  • She has THE cutest little run. It's almost like hopping instead of running. I can't help but laugh or smile when I see her run.
  • She likes to be in front of people when they're walking, but then will stop to make sure they're still behind her. She's almost tripped us several times.
  • Her whine sounds like someone is torturing her. You'd think we were abusing her the way she cries at night or when someone isn't paying attention to her. (This is something about her I wouldn't mind forgetting).
  • Mike has already started her on a chore routine. In the mornings and at night, both Abby and Molly trot down to the calf barn to help him feed the baby moos. Mike says she's not all that interested in the cows.
  • She seems to really like Molly (who wouldn't?) and Molly is being extremely patient with her. This week has made me a very proud mama when it comes to Molly because she is really surprising me with her patience for the pup.
  • Speaking of Molly...we all napped on the couch on Monday, and at one point, I caught Abby chewing on the end of Molly's tail. SO cute.
  • Abby isn't really into giving us kisses unless it's her idea (Molly loves to give kisses)...Mike keeps trying, and she keeps shooting him down. It makes me giggle.
  • She's a very brave puppy...she's been jumping off things (to my panic), and has already learned to go down and up most of our stairs. When she goes down stairs, she puts her front paws on the step below, then swings her butt around until her back paws are on the step. Then she starts all over. It might be the cutest thing I've ever seen.
  • She seems to share the family's love of cupcakes. One of the first toys of Molly's that she latched onto was Cuppy, the stuffed cupcake (I'm telling you, super awesome toy namers). She also loves Sheepie (I think because she can drag him around by his legs), and Fuffy Ball (yes, Fuffy, no "L" - it's a fluffy ball, in the fashionable colors of robin's egg blue, red, and white...bet you can't guess who picked that out), and Blue Bone (surprise, surprise, a blue bone...a nice compliment to Pink Bone, Molly's...you guessed it...pink bone.)
  • She had her first bath last night and didn't seem to mind too much. She looked like a drowned raccoon, but she put up with all of it fine. And she smells MUCH better now. We just need to do something about the puppy breath.
  • When she wants attention, she sits on her hind paws and puts her front paws on our legs. It's pretty irresistible.
  • She seems to like chewing shoes, which does not make me happy. Molly was never a chewer, so I'm not really used to this. So far, it only seems to be the fuzzy shoes (which happen to be my favorite)...so while I'm not thrilled with it, it's at least controllable. Especially since the shoes are usually on my feet.
So that's Abby. She's a sweet little puppy, and all in all, I'm very glad we have her. She's testing my patience, but it's good for me :)

By the way, did you know that Petsmart carries a line of Martha Stewart Pet supplies? I did not. I do now. Abby is fully outfitted with the trendiest MS doggies supplies.
(Abs has the blue/red one...it matches her toys and food dish. Duh.)

(Fuffy Ball)

(Blue Bone)

Alright, dog ridiculousness over. Thanks for putting up with me!

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