Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall & Halloween Decor - Outdoors

Happy Tuesday all...only 2 more days of September and then it's one of my favorite months of the year! Our anniversary AND Halloween...love it!

Chances are, you'll be seeing some blog posts with awesome fall and Halloween ideas and decor. Halloween is seriously my favorite non-sentimental holiday (Christmas is my favorite holiday that has some meaning behind it). I love everything about it...scaring people, handing out candy, pumpkins, the colors, the fun, pumpkins, costumes, little people in costumes, pumpkins, puppies in costumes (yes, I dress Molly up...deal with it), did I mention pumpkins??

So, here are some awesome outdoor decor pics for fall & Halloween:

(From Pottery Barn) I love this so much and wish I had a porch big enough to pull it off. I have a couple of those lanterns in my house, so I might re-purpose them as porch or patio decor. I have tons of garlands of leaves left over from our wedding, so I'll put them to good use too. And I found like 5 of the black birds the other day that I think will make things appropriately spooky.

(From here) I like this one too. I have to wonder if anyone ever trips on a pumpkin going down the steps? I'm loving the urns (or whatever they're called) at the bottom of the steps, I'm looking for something similar when I'm out yard saling. And I love the idea of the flowers in the bushel baskets...I just bought a couple of pots of mums this weekend, so I may be replanting shortly!

(From here) Just kidding, I like these urns better. And I love the hay bales, but after last year's incident with the snake, I think I might pass on hay bales this year. Though, if I just put them away in a timely manner (or had my husband take care of that chore), I may not have a snake issue.

(From Good Housekeeping) So stinking cute. Love me some pumpkins

(From Country Living) How cute is the entrance to this Halloween party?

(From Country Living) Ignoring the cheesy guy in the (very scary) clown costume, I really love the idea of lining a walkway with pumpkins. I wonder if I could pull that off on part of mine? (Without animal interference, I mean)

(From Country Living) How cute is this little vignette? One of the things on my junkin' list is a cute little table like this that I can try to weatherproof for our patio.

(From Country Living) Why on earth have I never thought of using the pumpkin stem as a nose?

(Still Country Living) All lit up at night. Very cute (+ practical for safety purposes when walking)

(From Country Living) This is a pretty little set-up. I don't know that a blanket left outside in Nebraska would fair very well, but it made for a cute photo shoot

There ya have it. Do you decorate outdoors for fall and Halloween?

Have a great day!


  1. What a gorgeous collection of ideas - you've got great taste! Now I'm motivated to decorate for fall - thanks!

  2. i love all these pics. . .
    as far as my pumpkins. . .my birthday is at the end of september, so people seem to want to buy me "fallish" stuff, and i guess i've just got lucky that it is more vintage. . . .tj maxx, hobby lobby, michaels. . .i haven't put any money into my mantle this year. . .it's just stuff that has accumulated over the past several years.

  3. Oh my! I just had the same thing happen to me. There was a snake in my driveway. I somehow ended up at the end of driveway I still have no idea how I got there! I have a paralyzing fear of snakes so I can fell you on that one! I also have a bale of hay on my porch and thanks to you I am now afraid to go near it! lol ......