Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall TV

It's that time of year again...new fall TV! I'm so excited for this week. And since I use this blog as sort of a journal (more than anything else in my life), here's what we're watching this week:

(By watching, I mean DVRing, because there's no way we're home enough to watch this much tv.)

Dancing with the Stars
Monday Night Football
(I want to watch LoneStar, but missed it last night, so I'll have to catch up online)



Nothing that I know of yet...

Friday: Blue Bloods (holy cow am I excited for this to start)

Saturday & Sunday are filled with football games and marathons of NCIS and Law & Order: SVU.

I miss my summer shows...True Blood (drool) and Covert Affairs, but this line-up will make up for it, I hope.

Who says being a couch potato isn't rewarding? :)

What are you watching? What summer shows do you miss? Are you as nutty as me and have to watch every show from the beginning or you can't go any further?

Happy Tuesday, all!

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