Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Runners and Patios and Birthdays, Oh My!

Are you sick of the aisle runner yet?? I'm not :)

Marcia, my fabulous day-of coordinator for my wedding, featured my aisle runners over on her blog today. Check out her post here.

So guess what I didn't get listed on Etsy last weekend? More wedding stuff. I did make some things though, so as soon as I get the whole package put together, I'll photograph it and get it up. I got some note card sets up though, and I'm still loving those pretty roses I posted last time.

In other exciting news, my brother-in-law has been working so hard on our patio the last couple of days. I can't wait to see the final product. You can read about this never-ending project here. I say never-ending because we haven't even thought about it since I wrote that post...between rainy weekends and blistering heat all summer, we couldn't touch it without risking drowning or heat stroke or both. Not worth it, in my opinion. Thankfully, my BIL is a worker bee and has been going non-stop the last couple of days. On the agenda for tonight: shopping for new patio furniture. Woohoo! (Can you tell I love fall? Who else finishes a patio project in the fall, buys new furniture in the fall, and looks forward to sitting outside as it gets cooler??)

And the most important thing for today is that it is my super awesome husband's birthday! In honor of that, I'll tell you how great he is :)

He has a fabulous sense of humor. He's always willing to let me take pictures of him. Oh, and he loves football, especially the Huskers (I could never marry someone who didn't love the Huskers like I do).

He's the polar opposite of me as far as interests and hobbies go, and I love that. We challenge each other and learn from each other, and have a lot of fun together. And he's exceptionally talented at spotting cows wherever we go (this is at the top of the Hancock Tower in Chicago on our mini-moon).

He appreciates good food. And again, he's willing to let me take any picture of him. And he makes me giggle without even trying - here, he ordered a "Holy Cow Burger." He saw the burger and said, "Holy cow!" For some reason, I couldn't stop giggling.

He's very dedicated to his family, and loves kids. He's going to make such an awesome father someday, and already is a great uncle :) 

I'm so happy I married this guy. I couldn't imagine someone more perfect for me. He's my best friend and I'm so lucky to have him in my life.

Happy Birthday, Husband!! (Please don't kill me for posting all those pictures of you on my blog...but to my credit, I got them off your Facebook account, so you can't really get too mad. Love you!)

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