Friday, October 01, 2010

Estes Park, Here We Come!

I mentioned before that Mike & I will be celebrating our 1st anniversary soon (next Sunday to be exact!) We had an entirely different trip planned, but yesterday, we decided we should go somewhere else.

This morning, we decided it should be Estes Park, CO.

I've never been to Estes Park, but my good friends go all the time and love it and told us we should go. I'm up for trying new things, and this a manageable drive for us (we decided wherever we go next weekend, we'll be driving rather than flying).

So, I started looking at pictures to find a place to stay this morning (because, you know, all lodging decisions should be based on how pretty the place looks on the outside), and settled on this one:

Isn't it pretty? I can't wait to stay there.

I checked out weather.com today and apparently it's supposed to rain the entire weekend. Yay. {sarcasm font} That won't stop me from doing things, but it might make me want to sleep a little bit longer.

We have a couple of things we definitely want to check out, but I'd welcome any advice or "must-see" attractions.

Cannot wait to get out of town!

Happy Friday, all :)

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