Thursday, July 01, 2010



That's all I can say. I'm blown away by what I saw on SYTYCD last night. I've watched this number at least 15 times since it first aired and I'm never less amazing by how exceptionally awesome it is.

A little background in case you don't watch the show:

Alex Wong is trained as a ballet dancer. He danced with the Miami Ballet for a year, and left his contract to come to SYTYCD. He has absolutely no hip-hop experience. Twitch is one of the best hip-hop dancers on this show. He's incredible.

Okay, now watch this (make sure your sound is on)...

Can you freaking believe that? It is seriously one of the most amazing dances I've ever seen. I watch a LOT of reality TV, and sometimes, there are things that just stick out in your mind. This is something that will be in my mind for a LONG time. Ah-mazing.

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