Wednesday, July 07, 2010

To Sum Up...

The last few days, in bullet point style...
  • Happy 4th of July! It's one of my favorite holidays. This year didn't feel so much like normal...it was rainy most of the day, relatively cool, we had other plans in the morning, plus it was a Sunday. I feel like I sort of missed out on some things. But, the celebration we had was awesome, with lots of family, and I know that I'm truly lucky to have had it. 
  • I broke my toe on Saturday. That was awesome. {sarcasm font}
  • I'm struggling with a lot of things right now and trying to decide if I should open my mouth. Right now, my silence is winning out because of the consequences that would follow if I was honest about how I feel. With that comes much anxiety.
  • I still watch that dance I posted last week at least once a day. Usually more often than that. I'm still amazed.
  • My brainstormer is working overtime on a party I'm planning for Labor Day weekend.
  • It's still raining here. Still. Pray for a break, and for the safety of everyone in immediate danger from the flooding. 

(This is a crappy pic taken with my phone, out my car window, while driving...this used to be a field. It's now a lake.)
  • I'm so looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday. Cannot. Wait.
  • 9 more days until my camera is in stock. It was back-ordered again. I was not pleased.
  • 2 more days until the weekend. That's where my focus has been the last couple of days. After the insanely busy weekend we had last weekend, I just need a break. Badly.
Well, wasn't that a happy little post? :) This is definitely a chapter in the "crumpled" part of our story. Sometimes I just have those weeks, you know?

Hope everyone has a fabulous day!

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