Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ah, the Swing of Things...

How I miss getting into you (the swing of things, that is).

I had a crazy couple of weeks so I slowed down the blogging, and now I'm having issues getting back to it. Not because I'm not chatty. Ha, we all know that's not true.

So, instead of chatting about what's going on, I shall show you some pictures I've found. Because Internet stalking for pretties never goes away.

I believe this is from The Nester (I'm terrible at saving sources for things...fortunately, I stalk the same people regularly). First, I love her frames, but I sincerely doubt Mike would go for that in our house. It's a little too abstract for him. I love the dresser. Love it. I'm looking for something really inexpensive with similar bones that I can paint and distress for my dining room. I shall find it!

This is a catalog page from Uppercase Living. How cute is that little piece of glass/window thing? Super cute. I'm working on a similar project involving wedding pictures, windows, and vinyl lettering. By working on, I mean I've purchased all the supplies and was generously given an adorable window by my friend Sue, and now I just have to put it together (which involves removing some paint from the window...that's what's taking me so long).

I can't remember where I saw this picture, so if you know, tell me. I thought this would be a really cute idea for the newly pink guest room (because what screams Grandma more than embroidery hoops...did I tell you that Mike is calling our guest room "the Grandma room"??) I would obviously use shades of pink, white, and cream, which are the main colors in that room (with pops of light blue and red...love it).

This is Aura's patio. Someday my prince patio will come.

You know my love for tarnished silverware, right? I have a cute little ball canning jar full of it on a kitchen shelf. This photo is from Lara Blair Images.

I think this is a Pottery Barn image (it looks like theirs). Those egg filler packages were off the chart expensive, in my opinion. I want to say over $10 for six small eggs. Are you freaking kidding me? So, I made my own. I did blue and eggshell colored ones, with brown speckles. I probably have at least 20 eggs around my house, all for around $4 (since I had the painting supplies on hand, all I had to buy were some wooden eggs from Hobby Lobby...throw in some Easter clearance and I was good to go).

Okay, that's probably enough for today. How's that for random picture-ness?

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