Friday, July 09, 2010


Well, it seems we have an apricot tree on the Vogt farm. Who'da thunk it? It didn't even bloom last year, let alone develop any fruit, so when I saw a tree full of beautiful blooms this spring, and now it looks like the apricot Gods have heartily blessed it...well, needless to say I was a little shocked.

I'm not really a fan of apricots. Bummer. But, Mike is, and we know lots of people who are, and perhaps I will be with just the right use of them.

So, it seems that I will be canning galore this weekend. I've heard a few people say they like apricot jam (and I do too - I use them in a thumbprint cookie I make sometimes for Christmas), so I'll make some jam. Apricot butter sounds like a good fall gift, but I don't know if there is such a thing. And apricots packed in water would probably go over well too. I found a recipe the other day for an apricot glazed pork chop. I can't find it now. Perhaps it will cross my path again someday soon (would probably help if I actually looked for it.)

Anyway, if you have any delish apricot recipes I should know about, send 'em my way. I also heard that Mike's grandma's cherry tree has been blessed as well, so I may be using cherries this weekend. I foresee lots of hard work...which is exactly what I like to avoid on weekends :)

I hope everyone has a great one!

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  1. Make a crisp. Who doesn't love crisp?