Friday, June 25, 2010

What Up, Dawg?

ETA: Look at this little beast. I took the picture with my phone, so sorry for the blur.

She jumped on my lap, then on the desk and refused to get down until I moved away. I guess she owns the place now!

For those of you who don't know, today is Take Your Dog to Work Day. So, of course I thought that was brilliant idea. Who wouldn't want to spend the day with their favorite furry friend?

Yeah. Enter Molly.

To her credit, she's actually a pretty well behaved dog for not being trained like most pets are. She's a little excitable and gets very wiggly, but she calms down when I tell her to for the most part and is extremely friendly with all other dogs. She's been to work before and once she got over the initial excitement of it, was very well behaved.

Not so much today (at least so far). My work neighbor across the hall brought her dog, also a pug (named Missy). Missy doesn't get along so well with other dogs (there may be some baggage in her past as she is a rescue). Either way, there was an immediate hatred for Molly. Molly, of course, doesn't understand why anyone wouldn't love her.

Have you ever been around a pug? They're extremely noisy breathers, because they have flat little noses and tend to breathe through their mouths. So, they can hear each other breathing across the hall. Every once in awhile, one will just start barking at the other because they want to get together.

We let them chill a little and thought we'd try to introduce them.

Round #1: Lots of butt sniffing. Lots of mutual butt sniffing. Then, apparently Molly got too close for Missy's comfort, and all bets were off. Missy bit Molly and lots of snarling ensued.

Round #2: Some more sniffing. Things seemed to be going well. Until Missy saw Molly's food. Missy went for it, Molly stood in front to protect it, and lots of snarling ensued.

Round #3: More sniffing. Then Molly got very happy and tried to hug Missy (she doesn't play with little dogs often, most of her doggy friends are bigger than she is. Or they're cows. She has no concept of "gentle" when it comes to other animals). Missy didn't like that much, and lots of snarling ensued.

We gave up after that. Apparently that last hug was just too much.

Both dogs are extremely quiet now. Molly is laying against my metal door, cooling off. She looks a little sad that no one is playing with her, but that's her normal look. I guess for now, we can say that all is calm.

(By the way, I love that I packed an entire bag full of things for Molly...food, water, her blankie, two stuffed animals, her favorite bone, a new bone, treats and her leash...and all she's interested in is my metal door. Super.)

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