Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I'm in creative overload today. Some days, I just can't get ideas out of my head, and it makes me completely unfocused for all other things. This is the reason I carry a sketch pad with me at all times, despite the fact that it adds weight to my already ridiculously heavy purse.

Here's what's on my crafty shopping list for today (provided I can find everything within my 2 hour time limit):

3 inch Styrofoam balls
rayon seam binding ribbon
clothespins (both the old fashioned kind and the clippy kind)
sealing labels
carnival tickets
reinforcement rings

How's that for random?

If anyone can come up with one project that I might be making (each thing is for a different project), I will send you one of EACH of the projects I make. How's that for a contest? (I don't really expect anyone to guess what I'm making, but if you feel the desire, and guess correctly, I really will hold up my end of the bargain.)

Back to my previously scheduled, mind-spinning creative overload event. Happy Tuesday, peeps!

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