Monday, June 14, 2010

What I Did Buy...Finally

I'm forgetful. I still never remembered to take pictures of this stuff with my camera, but I finally thought about it this morning. I grabbed my cell phone, and this is what you end up with:

My adorable shutter shelf. When I had them hold it at the store, everyone loved it. I literally had to move knick knacks off it in the booth to get ahold of it, so that's probably why no one noticed. I currently love it so much I haven't hung it yet...it's just chilling on my kitchen floor :)

My turquoise jar collection. It started with the ginormous Ball canning jar in a color of blue I've never seen before. And the second one came last week. It's got it's own little metal basket, which is why I loved it. I'm currently on the hunt for a short squat one to complete the family, with closures on both sides (instead of the traditional lid).

So, Mike & I are going here this weekend. Well, really just all day Friday. On a mission to find my short squatty little jar, and who knows what else. Maybe I'll find another little chippy blue ladder. Or some brooms for my broom curtains on my back porch. Or the wooden crate I've been searching for. Or a really great chippy white dresser for the dining room. Obviously, the list goes on and on. I can't wait.

In other awesome news, the new season of True Blood started last night. Love, love, loved it!!

Hope you all are having a fabulous Monday!

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