Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Little Bitty Update

This weekend was beyond crazy, between the busy-ness and the weather and unexpected events.

Walnut was awesome. After a minor rainstorm (that we missed, thankfully), the day was pretty much perfect. I walked away with 3 purchases, and stayed under my budget that was set prior to our outing. Yay me. (That may be a first.) I'll post pictures of my purchases as I get them in their new homes around my living room.

Father's Day was also great. We put up a flag pole and some other landscaping prettiness for my father-in-law. I hope he enjoys it...it really does look good.

And, in super exciting news from BOTH my sisters-in-law yesterday, the price of the Nook has been lowered to $199. Woohoo!! That bad boy is coming home sooner than soon. What my darling husband doesn't understand (when he says that no, I can't have it) is how much money it will save us in the long-run. I know it's not a lifetime investment, but let's say I keep it for 5 years. I spend WELL over $200 per year on books, so in the long run, it's saving us at least $800 over 5 years. My investment-brained hubby should understand the value in that, right? Plus, it will bring eternal *coughatleastfiveyears* happiness to this bookworm, which has got to be invaluable. Are you reading, dear husband??

That's all I have for today. That's my life...antiques and flag poles and nooks, oh my.

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