Monday, April 12, 2010

My View

This is what I was looking at while I was waiting for Mike to come home from work yesterday:

We've lived here through about a full year of daylight savings, which should give you an idea of how many of these I've seen. (We're not home in time for the sunset in the winter.) It still takes my breath away every time I look at it. I probably have over 100 pictures of the sun setting over our pasture, and I don't think that's nearly enough.

I've been working today on making over my front door. Honestly, I don't think it needed a makeover. For starters, we never use the front door unless we're yelling at Molly to stop bothering the neighbor while she's walking her dog. Molly doesn't listen. Oh, and the front door is easily 50 feet from the road, so it's not like people can even see it. Second, I love the chippy paint that's been on the door for a good while. Oh, and it's red chippy paint, which makes it even better. But, I think it looks even better. Here's the full view:

Sorry about the angle. It's extremely windy today, and our screen door doesn't like to stay open. So, I had to stand on the ground (2 feet below the door), try to hold the screen door open and take a decent picture. It didn't really work. But I'm too impatient to wait for Mike to get home and hold open the door.

I made the wreath (and it's twin) a couple of weekends ago. I think the white and green are very springy, and I love it. It's twin hangs on the back door, which we use all the time, so I can actually see the pretty colors. The cool thing about these wreaths is that I just stuck the flowers and greens into a grapevine wreath without any gluing or wiring, so if I get bored, I can just change them out. In theory, I could even switch it up for every season, but that probably won't happen.

And then I painted our address numbers on the middle panel in the door. I realize now, looking at the picture, that I centered the numbers between the doorknob and the end of the door, rather than the whole door itself. Whoops. Oh well, it's not perfect. I think that's okay. It's tattered :)

I was able to go outside around lunchtime and sit on the deck, with my feet up on the railing, and Molly in my lap. She actually sat still for a few minutes and enjoyed the sun with me. Then she was done, and off to bark at the wind.

I love spring. Love, love, love. Keep the perfect days coming, God!

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