Saturday, April 24, 2010

Molly & The Moos

(That would make an excellent band name...)

So we got new cows. Molly loves cows. Absolutely adores them. She loves to play with them, chase them, bark at them, and immitate them. We often say she wrangles them, because she really does. It's cute to see an 18 pound pug leading cows to behave the way she wants them to. Cows that easily weigh 20 times more than she does.

Here are some photos I took the first night we had them. I'll explain as we go...

These are most of the cows. It's tough to get 8 animals to stand still and together, so I never actually got a picture of all of them at once. Oh well.

Pretty self explanatory here. Cows. Doing their cow thing.
Little pug, always part of the action.
Molly, asserting herself with the cow. Love the blur of his face (he's about to stand up and dance around).
Molly: 1, Cow: 0
Eating a victory dinner, bovine style (I told you, she really does think she's a cow, especially when others are around.)
And she's finally sick and tired of Mommy taking pictures of her and her friends.

So nice to feel like we're on a farm again. Have I mentioned how much I love spring?

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