Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Can't wait to make this again. Here's what's in it:

I used iceberg lettuce because that's what we had on hand...you could use whatever. I'd prefer mixed baby greens, so next time, that's what I'll use for the base
 Mushrooms (use your favorite kind), washed & sliced 
Snap peas
A small tomato, diced
Half an avacado, diced
Crumbled bleu cheese
Half a sliced bbq pork cutlet
Poppyseed dressing

For the cutlet, I marinated it in Paula Deen's apple cinnamon BBQ sauce before grilling it. Oh. My. Gravy. So freaking good. I loved the combination of apple and pork (porkchops & applesuace, anyone?). The sweetness of the bbq and the blue cheese go perfectly together. I'm kind of proud of myself for coming up with this one.

Mike used ranch dressing on his, he said it was kind of like a cobb salad, minus the hard boiled eggs. So, that's cool. And another way to go.

The awesome thing about this salad is that I can use whatever veggies I have on hand at the time. Whatever comes out of my garden, I can put it in this salad. It will still be yummy. I have a feeling we'll be eating a lot of these types of salads all spring & summer.

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