Friday, September 02, 2011

Printable Alphabet Flashcards

Happy Friday all,

I thought I'd pop in this morning and show you the project I put together as a gift for my nephew. I also wanted to share it with you in case you know someone who could benefit, so look for the free printables at the end of this post!

Every time we hang out with my nephew, Michael, he wants to show us the letters he is practicing writing. If his auntie is unprepared and doesn't have enough paper, then that's a problem for everyone in the area. He loves to write! So, I wanted to figure out a way that he could practice his alphabet without going through a ton of paper. I've seen those white boards at Target and Walmart that look like lined paper. I thought that would be great, but it doesn't really help him with the letters he's still struggling with writing properly. So, I figured it would take me less time to make something than it would to find it in a store and spend money on it.

I came up with this {and, as always, I apologize for the craptasticness of these photos...I seem to have forgotten my good camera at home and had to make do with the iphone camera. I HAVE to get better at that}:

It's just printed on white printer paper and laminated. I printed the letters in yellow so he could use a dry erase marker to "trace" over the top of them and see how they are made. Then below each letter, there's a blank line for him to write the letter on his own, like this:

Since the pages are laminated, the marker will just wipe off and he can start all over again (which I think he's going to love). I made them in both uppercase letters and lowercase letters so he can practice both. {Scroll down to get free printables of both versions!}

I also want him to start associating letters with words. I hope it will help him learn to read, but I mostly did this so he can learn to write other words than his name (which he's getting pretty good at). So, I found some colorful clipart and made him some flashcards!

These are a quarter of a sheet of printer paper. I added the words in yellow below the picture so he has other opportunities to practice writing (and in the case of some of these images, he'll be learning some new words as well). These are laminated also, and are held together with a ring so they don't get lost all over his room (hopefully). He can take them apart to write on and play with, and this gives him a way to put them all back in one spot. His dad can also mix them up if he wants to give him a little more of a challenge than just memorizing that A is for apple, B is for boot and so on :) Same idea with tracing the letters in dry erase marker and wiping them off for next time.

I hope he loves them and that they are actually useful! If not, well, at least they were easy to make :)

Even as easy as they were, I still thought I'd save you some time and share the printables with you so you can use them for your little ones learning to write. Feel free to use these and share them, but I would appreciate if you didn't profit from them in any way. If you click the image it will open a larger version, and you can right click to "save as." If it's easier to use a PDF version, just email me at vogtdesignco@gmail.com and I'll be happy to send it along!


Just a couple tips: before saving, make sure you click on the image and enlarge it as much as possible. After you've printed the page, the cards were designed so you can cut the paper in fourths. You can cut on the short side of the paper at 4.25 inches and on the long side at 5.5 inches.

Enjoy and have a fantastic weekend! {Oh, and Go Huskers!!}

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