Thursday, September 08, 2011

Believe It Or Not...

Hi all!

Believe it or not, I'm already thinking about Christmas decorating. I know what you're thinking...Jen, do you even have your fall decorations up yet? Well, the answer, of course, is no. I don't even know which tote my fall decorations are in since I got into an organizational kick last fall and forgot to finish organizing about halfway through the project. Anyway...

I love to change out my Christmas decorations every year, but that's just not economically possible for me. Or a very good idea for my marriage {since my husband is ridiculously...thrifty, we'll call it}. To remedy these issues, I've decided that if I want new decorations, I either need to find them on clearance after the season or make them myself. I'm pretty sure I didn't buy anything on December 26 last year {though I won't be completely sure of that until I unpack things}, so that means it's up to me to make anything I want to add to my Christmas decor collection.

For me, Christmas is the time to take chances on trendy decor...that way, I'm not out a lot of time/money, and even if I still love it after it's hideously uncool, future visitors will only have about 6 weeks to tell me that my red & white chevron rug is SOOO 2011. {Hey, that's a pretty good idea...red & white chevron rugs for my country kitchen? Add it to the list!}

{From the House Of Smiths - check out Shelly's tutorial here on how to make this one yourself!}

Another thing I'm adding to the list is etching a vintage window to hang in the dining room {perhaps I should also add "finish the dining room redecoration you started last spring" to the list}. I have a ton of vintage windows sitting at around, with a lot of different projects in mind for them.

See, vintage windows. Photo taken 10 minutes ago in my office with my iphone. At my paying job. That has nothing to do with salvaging old windows. Yeah, I'm special.

Anyway, I thought it would be cute to etch a winter/Christmas saying on one of these windows and hang it in my dining room. Sort of like Shelly did here:

I swear, I'm not stalking The House of Smiths, although I do love a lot of what Shelly does, and I read her blog regularly. {To make a complete liar out of me, hopefully in the next few days I'll be able to show you a project I'm working on that's inspired by yet another tutorial I saw on THOS.}

Another trend in home decor that I'd love to jump on is the subway sign. I've done some subway sign art in small form (printed 8x10's) to sell at craft shows, but nothing bold. Mainly because subway art doesn't go with the decor I currently have in my house...but that's why I love the holidays. I feel like it gives me full license to do something completely out of my element. On that note, I'd like to make something like this:

{From Houzz.com via Pinterest}

Cute, right? And the color happens to be all over my house. I'm actually kind of thinking something like this would be fun in my bathroom. Hmm...

Are you sick of Christmas talk yet? I'll stop there, and hopefully have a whole list of things to show you that I've finished making in time for Christmas over the couple of months. Just to keep myself on track, before December 24, I'm to:
  • Finish decorating the dining room
  • Paint some rugs
  • Etch some windows
  • Make subway art
Seems reasonable, right? Let's see how I do. :) Leave me a comment and tell me if you're already getting into the Christmas spirit!

And before I go for today, I have to wish my handsome husband a very happy birthday! I couldn't be any luckier to have found a guy who puts up with my crazy ideas {see above - Christmas decoration ideas in September}, laughs at my stupid jokes, and still loves me when I make up birthday songs to sing to him, off key, at 6am while dancing Steve Urkel style. How I managed to snag him, I'll never know, but I'm SO glad I did. Happy birthday, husband!!

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