Friday, February 03, 2012

Baby Shower Invitation {Pinterest Inspiration: January}

Hi there!

I said I would be back today with my Project Life, but I forgot some stuff at home that I needed to finish my layouts before taking pictures. I'll get the uploaded this weekend, hopefully {we have a really busy weekend scheduled}.

I thought I'd show you what I made this month from my Pinterest inspiration {remember my 112 for 2012 post? One of my goals was to make at least one thing per month I've seen on Pinterest}. I didn't actually pin the invitation that inspired my baby shower invitation, and I'm so bummed about it! It's something I saw awhile back and just sketched out my ideas for it rather than pinning it. Don't ask me why.
Anyway, here it is! I'm not typically one to host a "themey" party {unless it's a kids party...kids like themes. Especially my nephew, who has had a Cars birthday party for the 3 last year years, practically killing his party planning auntie. More about that in another post.} This isn't the exact invitation {I've obviously removed some identifying information} and at the last minute, I changed the grey to a darker brown {my husband said the grey & blue reminded him of the Yankees, and after I was done gagging, I changed the colors}. I continued the blue chevron pattern on the back of the invitation. I'm really into invitations with patterns on the back, I think it adds a nice little surprise.

Even though the design is fairly modern, the decorations will have more of a vintage feel {I think...it's my idea of vintage, anyway}. I'll be able to show you pictures after this weekend, assuming the whole thing doesn't get cancelled by the blizzard that's being predicted!

Have a great, safe weekend everyone!

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