Thursday, January 19, 2012

Project Life: Week 2

Hi all!

First, I just want to say how much all of your support meant to me about my big announcement on Tuesday! I can't tell you how much it means to have so many awesome people in my life who are willing to be so supportive of my crazy ideas! Every single note you left on my Facebook page, texted me, comments on the blog...it meant the world!! I can't wait to have more updates about Gather for you in the coming weeks.

On to my Project Life Week 2 layout. I'm a day later than my goal, but I'm close! The project is still going really well...I like that I've given myself permission to not take a photo a day, but instead tell a week's worth of stories during one layout. It definitely keeps me from feeling the pressure of a Project 365.

Here's the full layout:

Very simple again this week, although I did add a couple of extra embellishments to the title card. Every photo this week was taken with an iPhone {either mine or the husband's...loving that he's so supportive of this project!} I realized this week when the battery on my camera died that I'd left my charger at my brother's house at Christmas. Bad news because I wanted to take pictures with something other than my phone, good news that my battery lasted as long as it did without being charged!

Here's a close-up of the left side:

And here's a close-up of the right:

Last week was a pretty slow week for us. Lots of ordinary, everyday things to be done. I actually don't remember a lot of what happened last week, other than what happened over the weekend, which just means it was a normal week full of work and work and more work.

Like I said above, I did add a couple of embellishments to the title card this week:

The wk2 letters are Thickers by Dear Lizzy for American Crafts. I found these when I was looking for something else and I thought the shade of pink would be cute to add a pop on my title card. Plus, the font looks a little like my writing, which I thought was fun.

The flag with the dates on it is something I created. I told you in my Week 1 Layout post that I would go back in and add dates, and these flags are what I figured out. I designed them based on the flag that's on one of the front page cards in the Clementine kit {you can see the one I'm talking about here...it's the bottom right corner, with the clock}. I used 7 of the colors found in the Core Kit and made flags for the whole year. It's will be a lot of cutting, but I figured I could trim them while I'm watching tv one day. Or I can cut them as I need them weekly. I'll go back and add the Week 1 dates this week, and you'll see more of the flags going forward in my layout posts. I attached the flag with Tim Holtz's Tiny Attacher {which I love, by the way}.

I'm really excited for the page protectors to be restocked on Amazon {expected in early February}...the more I use my iPhone, the more I realize that I might need some protectors that are oriented vertically, in addition to the trusty Design A that I said I would be faithful to.

For those of you doing Project Life this year, how's it going? Are you keeping up so far? I'd love to see any progress you've made!

Have a great day!

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