Friday, January 06, 2012

Project Life Set-up

Hey all,

I wanted to pop in quickly this morning to talk a little about how I set up my Project Life album!

I got the Clementine Core Kit from Becky Higgins. As I said in my last post, I've ordered 7 Project Life kits in the last year, so I've seen every design. I love them all...really love them. But I decided Clementine was best for me at this particular time...subtle colors, some vintage images, cool phrases...love it all.

I decided against the coordinating binder, even though I think it's really cute with this set. I've been thinking about having my albums in a neutral color for awhile now. White and black seem a little too boring to me, so I went with this 12x12 binder from We R Memory Keepers {the company who makes the Project Life binders as well}. The one shown is black, but I got mine is a pretty shade of grey. I didn't see it on the website, but I got it from Archiver's, where they told me they'd just gotten them in.

Finally, the page projectors. I'm using 3 varieties for now, because that seems to work for me. That may evolve over the course of the year, but here's what I have {all from Becky Higgins}:
Design A is kind of the "classic" Project Life design. It's what used to come standard in the kits, so it's what I'm used to, and in general, I really like it. I don't take a ton of vertical pictures, so I don't mind the horizontal orientation {and I'm fine with turning my album to look at pictures}. This design is currently sold out on Amazon but is expected back in early February.

The 6X12 size is new for me, but I've already got one in my album. I thought I might want to share a longer, typed story from time to time, so that's why I got these and exactly what I'm using them for. Again, these are currently sold out but expected back in February.

The Big Envelopes are kind of a dream come true for me. They're really sturdy construction and great for holding all the "stuff" that accumulates in life. I'm not great at holding on to those types of things unless I have a specific place to put it. However, when I look back through albums, I love being able to pull out those things and look at them. Again, currently sold out, back in February.

Set-up for me is pretty easy, thank goodness. I basically follow the instructions that come in the kit, put the title pages where they're suggested to be, put the end pages where they're suggested to be, and move on with my life. I love that Project Life can be as simple or intricate as you want it to be.

I am a little OCD from time to time though {you know, the waking hours} and filling my page protectors takes a little planning before I get started. I take the title cards that are included in the kit, and sort them by style so I won't have two of the same style too close to one another in the book.

Then I do the same thing with the filler cards. Wouldn't want those too close to each other either. I also consider their placement in the album when I'm putting them in the 3X4 slots. For example, during week 1, the filler card is in the left most slot. In week 2, it's in the slot second from the left, week 3 it's in the third slot, and so on. I just keep rotating throughout the album.

Finally, I do the same thing for journaling cards. I didn't fill my journaling card slots last year with the intention that I might want to journal on the go. I actually didn't do that more than once. This year, I'm filling in the journaling cards, and I will journal as I include pictures, unless there's something specific I want to include {though I'm just as likely to include a post-it and write the whole story once I've printed the picture. We'll see how it goes.}

That's basically the extent of my set-up. It's not too complicated, and it doesn't even have to be that complicated if you don't want it to be. I plan to keep my album out where I can see it so that I'm going to keep up with it. I don't know if it will be on my desk in the dining room or on the dining room table or on the kitchen counter quite yet, but it will be on one of those 3 places, along with my core kit {I adore the core kits this year and that I can use them to hold all the supplies that came in the kit without taking up a ton of room.} I'll probably also include a little basket of supplies there that I might use throughout the project - my corner rounder, a couple of my favorite pens, some post-it notes, and maybe some other little embellishments if I feel like getting fancy on a particular layout.

Let me know if you're also planning to do Project Life! I'm planning {hoping} to upload my weekly layouts here on the blog, also to hold myself accountable, so I hope you'll be hearing a lot about this project over the near year!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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