Friday, January 27, 2012

Project Life: Week 3

Happy Friday everyone!

I know, I'm a couple of days later than I promised with this post. I have an excuse {technical difficulties with my inserts}, but really...who wants to hear excuses? :)

Here's the full layout:

I actually have 2 inserts in addition to the 2 Design A page protectors this week. I wanted to include a DVD of a video I took on my phone {my husband reading to our niece...cutest thing ever!}, and an 8.5x11" insert of the facebook posts and blog post from the day I announced Gather on the blog. On the back side of the insert is a drawing my nephew left in the car when I picked him up from school one day.

Here's the left side, close up:

This is a pretty standard page. The picture of Mike in the bottom right corner is one of the still shots from the video I took of him reading to Brookie. So adorable.

Here's the right side, close up:

Again, a fairly standard page.

If you look at the full layout view you can get an idea of what the insert looks like {I'm not going to show you a close-up for privacy reasons}. I took several screenshots of my Facebook wall because I couldn't get them all in one shot and spliced them together. I also copied some of the text from my blog post that day and included the Gather logo.

Finally, here's the title card for this week:

I'm having fun figuring out creative ways to simply embellish these. It feels like a mini scrapbook page, without all the stress of embellishing the full layout.

I'm still in love with this project. I'm really proud of myself for keeping up with it for even these last 3 weeks. I've found myself taking more pictures than normal, which is a nice push. I'm still loving using my iPhone to take the majority of my pictures. It's just handy for everyday photos since I don't care my big camera with me all day, every day.

I joined the free class for Project Life on Big Picture Classes. It's completely free, and there's a gallery with tons of inspiration and a great message board to connect with other Project Lifers. My name on BPC is Jen V. and I've uploaded all my layouts from the first 2 weeks into the 2012 gallery. I'm also hoping to participate in a blog hop with other PLers on February 5. More details on that to come!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by :)

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