Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Randoms & Gather Questions Answered

Happy Monday!

My mind is going a hundred miles a minute today, and I can't even focus long enough to write a post about one particular topic, so you get my random train of thought. Enjoy!
  • I adore every song of Adele's that I've heard. I love her. Rumor Has It just came on my Pandora station. LOVE. Thank goodness for Pandora, it makes my days so much better.
  • This weekend was busy and full of fun. Friday I spent the day working on a couple of parties I'm planning and worked from home a bit, and then met some family for dinner to celebrate my grandparents' 53rd wedding anniversary. Saturday we were up at the crack of dawn to butcher our meat for the year. Sunday, we were exhausted and enjoyed a lot of time on the couch with our pups. It's not very often we clear our schedule to be lazy, but I'm glad we did {even if I'll pay for it this week}.
  • I'm attending a volunteer fair tomorrow to promote opportunities at our company. Just got me to thinking - even if you only have an hour or two a week to give, go out and do something for someone else. The things we have on our list are as simple as helping someone paint their nails or talking with someone about sports. I'm not saying you should only help elderly people {though I'm obviously a fan if you choose to}, but get out there and help someone if you can.
  • Since we have an influx of meat after this weekend, I'm looking for good recipes to use ground beef. If you have any, please leave them {or the links} in my comments. I'll be forever grateful...I'm so out of creative ideas.
  • I'm still getting love and encouragement about Gather. Thank you!! Seriously, I light up when I hear things like that; it completely makes my day. Here's the answers to a few questions:
Where will Gather be located?
I already have a space secured in Elmwood, Nebraska {which is where my husband's family is from and where we hope to be moving this year}. Since I don't have an opening date yet, I'm not going to publish the address quite yet, though if you really wanted to find it, I'm sure you could! For those who are local and still have no idea where Elmwood is {I don't blame you, I didn't either}, it's between Omaha & Lincoln. About 20 minutes east of Lincoln on "O" Street/Highway 34, or about 30-45 minutes southwest of Omaha {depending on where you're coming from}. Once I'm ready to open, I'll be sure to post detailed directions from both Omaha and Lincoln and a map of the area.

Are you quitting your job?
Ha, no. Unfortunately. As much as I'd love to run Gather and create lovely things all day, I just don't think it will pay the bills. I do plan to reduce my time spent in the office {though not my hours working} once I get through this busy time of year and get closer to opening. And maybe with your help, I'll someday be able to make Gather my full-time job!

What will your hours be?
I haven't set them in stone yet, but I do know I'll be open on Friday & Saturdays for sure. During some times of the year, I'll be open on Sundays I'm sure, and also by appointment when I'm not scheduled to be open. I do plan to host some evening classes during the week once I get the classroom up and running. And again, with your support, maybe I can make this my only job and be open even more often!

Do you have an online boutique?
Yes, I have an Etsy boutique that can be found here. It's fairly empty at the moment, but there are some cute printable collections still available, and I'll be adding more of those as soon as I can get a space to take photographs and stage parties {either in Gather or outside where I take most of those photos}. I'll also be adding the wedding invitation suites as soon as they're created and photographed and maybe some of the smaller items I'm selling in Gather.

I'm also planning on having a catalog of certain items once I get a new website, but I haven't thought that through completely yet. Let me just say that even if you don't live locally and don't want to plan a vacation just to shop at Gather, you'll be able to see what items I have for sale and purchase if you'd like.

Are you on Facebook?
I know of a lot of people who read this blog are friends of mine on Facebook, However, I've also created a Facebook page for Gather that you can find here. I need to have 25 followers before I can activate a username, so if I could pretty please get you to follow the page, that would be great! I'll fill it with updates about the store, photos of my progress and products and anything else I think might interest you.

Okay, how's that for random? I hope everyone has a great day, and I'll be back on Wednesday with my Project Life Week 3 layouts for you to see!

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