Thursday, July 28, 2011

{Week in the Life - Wednesday}

Good morning all!

I'll get to my pictures for Wednesday's Week in the Life in a minute, but I think I figured out how I'm going to do my layouts for this project next week and I wanted to share. Originally when I started, I thought I'd do a collage a day or something just to give a snapshot, but there are times when I've been able to take more pictures and times when I forget or haven't been able to. I was thinking it might be better to do snapshots of times during the day and include pictures from that time over the course of the week.

So, maybe one time will be morning routines, one will be the commute to work, one will be work, and one will be evenings. I don't know if I'll use those for sure, but just to give you an idea. Then I can include all the pictures I've taken in the mornings and journal about my typical mornings from the time I get up until I leave for work.

My days are filled with a lot of routine. I rarely do the same things throughout the day, but I can pretty safely say my schedule is as follows:
4:30am -5:45am - get ready for work
5:45ish am - 7:00am - driving to work
7am-4pm - working
4pm - 6ishpm - driving home/running whatever errands need to be run in Omaha
6ish pm - 9pm - evening chores/crafting/spending time with Mike & the dogs/dinner/etc.
9pm - bedtime

Now that that's established, there isn't a whole lot more to say on the subject of what I do all day. I'd much rather show shap shots of those blocks of time all at once to give a much better picture of what that routine looks like.

I'm still planning on including this in my Project Life album. I know a lot of people are making separate albums for this project, but I really think it will compliment my Project Life well, and I want the two things to be linked together going forward. I'll probably do a 12x12 spread for each of the time periods, along with journaling cards. I know I have extra page protectors that came with the Project Life kit, so I might just use those, or I may figure out something else entirely to give the Week in the Life project some uniqueness within the album. I'll probably decide when I'm assembling everything next week to see what works best.

Alright, enough of my rambling...here are the photos from yesterday:

First - I took less pictures than normal yesterday. My phone battery was dying and I'd forgotten my charger at home, so I was pretty conservative while I was at work. (I also feel like I have enough pictures of work, except for some things like the outside of the building).
Second - Mike's still doing a great job with taking his pictures (I asked him to take 2 per day). Yesterday, he sent me one of his office and one of his drive to work since it was foggy and raining.
Third - I took a few more "at home" pictures last night, until my phone died completely. For whatever reason, I've haven't been motivated to do much around the house this week, and I've basically been sitting on the couch, watching DVDs, looking at recipes, brainstorming ideas, and above all else, avoiding the ridiculous heat. I think I may be able to focus more on the home stuff tomorrow evening when Mike doesn't work late and this weekend (at least I hope so, or those days are going to be pretty empty!)

If you haven't had a chance yet, sign up for the (free) Big Picture Classes class on Week in the Life. I've been loving connecting with the ladies on the message boards and looking at the gallery for inspiration every day. Everyone has come up with such great ideas, I can't wait to see the finished product!

Have a happy Thursday everyone!

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