Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Not Exactly As I Planned

How was everyone's Thanksgiving weekend? Lots of good food? Plenty of black Friday deals? Hopefully some time with family or friends?

Mine was good, though not as I planned (which I'm sure you could gather from my title). I'm assuming that I just needed to rest this weekend and my body finally told me so.

After a great Thanksgiving dinner with Mike's family, I came home to spend the evening with him and wasn't feeling 100%. Fast forward to 3:00am when my alarm went off so I could go black Friday shopping, and I knew I was sick. I'll leave the details out, but let's just say the next 24 hours I was dealing with a fun stomach bug.

Then, as soon as I felt somewhat human again, my mouth started to hurt. I couldn't pinpoint the pain to just one tooth, which I thought was really odd. Over the course of the next two days, I experienced all sorts of pain that I didn't even know my mouth was capable of. In fact, my cheek bones and eye sockets hurt it's so bad. All weekend, I was either sleeping or trying one of many home remedies for toothaches. {FYI - best one I found was gargling with a cap full of vinegar - yes, it was disgusting - then waiting a few minutes, rinsing my mouth with water, and dabbing vanilla extract on the pain with a q-tip. Sounds ridiculous, but it totally worked.}

I took yesterday to go to the dentist, where after a lengthy visit and about 6 x-rays, they couldn't figure anything out. I don't know about you, but it's not at all comforting to me when a doctor tells me they don't know what's wrong with me. Best guess for them is that I need to have my wisdom teeth removed, so I get to schedule that surgery soon. Joy.

I had hoped to get some Christmas decorating done this weekend. Didn't happen. Hopefully I'll feel up to it during the evenings this week.

The great news is though, none of my plans (except black Friday shopping) had to be cancelled this weekend and I got to see both sides of my family. I'm extremely grateful for that!

Happy Tuesday, all!

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