Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Dining Room Make-Over

Remember when I used to post once a week? Or sometimes (gasp!) more than once a week?

That was fun. I miss it.

Long story short, we had a house guest most of this weekend. I'm very very happy that it's just Mike, Molly & me again. There's only minor craziness coming up this weekend, and then all hell breaks loose with my schedule next week. But I will be enjoying this week off (sorta) to do all sorts of fun things. Like plan my dining room make-over, yay!

Here's a couple of pictures:
(Photo from hollymathisinteriors.com)

I found this awesome aqua & white damask fabric at Hobby Lobby on clearance for $7.00 a yard. There were only 2 yards left, which is perfect because I only plan to use it to recover our dining room chairs. Of course I didn't take a photo of the fabric, so I'll rely on what I could find in google. Ignore everything else in this picture :) If I have have leftover fabric, I might do a wide trim at the bottom of my window treatments to tie everything together. We'll see.

I plan to paint the walls in the dining room some gorgeous shade of grey. No, I haven't picked it out yet. And then I'd like to paint a design on them, to give them the look of wallpaper without actually having to paper. I hate wallpaper. I'm going for something like Emily from Jones Design Company did here:

Emily has major skills. I'm not sure I'm that ambitious. (She painted that entire office except for one wall with that pattern...hello, amazing.) Maybe I'll stick to one wall. Fortunately, I don't have a ton of wall space in my dining room because I have ginormo windows on two walls, and a set of french doors on the third (the fourth opens up into our kitchen, so it's really just sort of a soffit (I'm not sure that's the right word, but you get the idea). The point is, if I decide to go for the whole thing, I think it's manageable. Time consuming, but manageable. (Talk to me after a weekend of painting and see if I still think it's manageable.)

I've also been looking for a dresser to use in my dining room as sort of a make-shift buffet. We have a counter that runs between our kitchen and dining room that I set food up on when we eat buffet style. It works so well, I'm not really looking to replace it. The reason I want this dresser though is mostly for storage...linens, candles, holiday things...I just never seem to have a place for them. I have this hutch:

Which was a wedding gift from my grandparents. But it is stuffed to the brim with wedding china and glassware, and those drawers really aren't deep enough to use for anything but our wine bottle opener and some photos I haven't framed yet. I needed more storage.

Enter my awesomesauce sister-in-law. We were at her house last weekend and I saw this great dresser in her garage. I jokingly asked her what was up with the dresser, and she said I could have it. I really didn't expect that, and if she wasn't using it, I had planned to offer to buy it from her. But, I can't pass up free, and now she is one step closer to her garage to master suite makeover (I hope!) Of course, I have no pictures of said dresser, but since it used to be in my niece's room, I'm sure you can imagine the fingerprints on the white paint, and the cute pink plastic knobs. Needless to say, there will be some painting and handles to come.

The only other thing to do is figure out some sort of shelving for one of the walls for more display. Something like this perhaps?
Or this?

Or this?

I really haven't decided yet. Though the bottom ones are my far and away favorite. Especially that counter on the bottom? Love it. I also love the beadboard wallpaper that goes up to the counter. I'd love to have something like that, with shelves framing the window on the front wall of my dining room (which is the focal point)...the counter could run along the bottom of the window, and then shelves along either wall. So pretty, but such a big project. I'd like to ask my grandpa to build me whatever I come up with, but he's in the middle of all kinds of home projects since he and my grandma just moved. This may be a project that happens later on in the make-over.

And then, of course, there are all the little decor details I want to incorporate. Like these, for the counter seating:

Somehow, they manage to be rustic and elegant all at the same time. In my opinion. Plus they're fun, and fit right in on the farm.

And these lights, to go on top of my new dresser/buffet (from The Nester):

Only mine will hopefully be the perfectly matching shade of aqua (the white ones are awfully pretty too).

Then I'll just need to figure out what to do with the light fixture (currently a pretty ceiling fan that we have no use for). I plan to move the ceiling fan to the living room, get rid of the ugly living room one (or at least move it to the guest room so we have a working overhead light), and then figure out something for the dining room.

So, what do you think? Any brilliant suggestions?

Have a happy Hump Day (thank goodness the week is half over)!!

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