Monday, December 13, 2010

Cards, Cards Everywhere

Holy wow, guess who hasn't posted in 2 weeks. Insane. I really didn't mean to, but I can't imagine a busier time than the first 2 weeks in December. Except maybe the 2nd two weeks. I could tell you what I've been up to, but it would just bore you...lots of projects and lots of things for work. Let's just say the 2 weeks have flown by.

Anyway, the reason for my post today: holiday cards. It's inevitable. Every year, my mailbox gets flooded with cards from December to January (or if you're on my Christmas card list, possibly you could be receiving a Christmas card on Valentine's Day). I don't know about you, but I love to see pictures of my family and friends, read those Christmas letters, check out the beautiful foiled cards, even display them as holiday accents.

So, how do you display your cards? I have a few different ways I've tried over the years, and a new one this year (I actually just got my first card this weekend, so I need to haul it out and take a picture.)

Here are some cute ideas I've found and saved:

(I think these are from Pottery Barn)

I have the one on the right (the tree-shaped one), so I'm guessing they're from Pottery Barn, but I can't remember where I found this picture. I love the way the tree looks when I first start getting cards, but once it's full, it's a little overwhelming. Plus, it always falls at least once a year as people are trying to read my cards :)

(From Country Living)

Loving this idea. Of course, I don't have a banister, but if you do, go for this one!

(From Pottery Barn)

Their current version. I'm loving the star shape, but not investing in another one of these.

(Pottery Barn)

Loving this one. I'll probably make my own version of this for next year, with chicken wire instead of the cable (I have the frame, just not the time.)

(Found on Room Remix)

I really like the branch trend anyway, but I think this is a fun twist on it. Not sure how steady it would be...

Just a few ideas for you. How do you display your cards? Any fun ideas?? 

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