Friday, December 17, 2010


I work in the non-profit world (and always have), so I'm very aware of the kindness of people. I have a pretty good outlook on life and the openness of peoples' hearts when it comes to caring for others. It takes a lot to overwhelm me and shock me when it comes to generosity.

This is the view of my office from the door. Nothing but gifts, as far as the eye can see...only a path for me to get to my desk. I walked in to my office after a meeting one day, and it looked like this. Gifts coming from every part of town, from organizations and individuals...everyone having one thing in common: they love our residents and they want them to have a happy holiday season. What's even more amazing is that this isn't everything. This is maybe....MAYBE...half of what we have been given this year. We have around 140 residents living here, and every single one of them will have a gift bag under the tree full of things they put on their wish list...and each of those bags was donated by someone or a group of someones with huge hearts.

This is an amazing Christmas miracle :)

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  1. This makes me feel like saying "Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night."