Friday, August 06, 2010

A Rant

First off, I have to say that I hate going on blog hiatus without planning it. But that's what I seem to have done. Perhaps I'll get back on track after this weekend. Perhaps.

My co-worker and I were in the middle of a ridiculously personal extremely important conversation about free coffee makers work-related matters in my office, when we were rudely interrupted by a woman who WALKED IN MY OFFICE (no, she doesn't know me...I find this to be a very rude first impression) and simply said, "Bathroom." to interrupt us.

My co-worker was closest to the door and is much kinder than I am (apparently) because she assumed this rude person was actually asking for directions to the restroom. My co-worker showed her where our restrooms were.

Had I been closest to the door, I think the exchange my have gone something like..."Why no, this isn't the bathroom. It's the Human Resources office. Would you like me to direct you to the restroom after I finish my conversation that you clearly didn't notice was going on before you rudely interrupted us with your statements of room locations? I'd be happy to take time out of my work schedule to meet your waste disposal needs since I obviously have no other responsibilities to worry about."

What the hell ever happened to manners?

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