Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tuesday {Week in the Life 2012}

Hi all!

It's my Tuesday pictures post. I took less pictures than on Monday, probably because I wasn't in my office much between teaching a class in the morning and then painting all afternoon for our renovation. One note I forgot to mention in yesterday's WITL post - I asked my husband to take some pictures for the project as well, so he's got a few to add to the project when it's finished. I don't have all of them so I probably won't share them in my blog, but you'll see them as the project is finished. He doesn't use Instagram, so I'll be importing them to mine and processing them with the same filters as the ones I've taken.

You can follow me on Instagram @gatherboutique if you want to keep up with my photos throughout the day. Thank goodness for this app, it's made the WITL project so much easier! Thanks for visiting!!

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