Thursday, April 05, 2012

April Project Life Blog Hop

Good morning again, everyone! Welcome to the April Project Life Blog Hop!!

First, welcome to my blog if you're visiting for the first time for the April Project Life Blog Hop! I apologize for the delay in my post this morning. I had actually recorded and uploaded a video last night {checking off one of my goals for 2012!}, and when I went to post it this morning, the file wasn't working! Let me tell you, I was not a happy camper. So, I had to take still pictures for this particular post, but I will try the video route again for some further updates.
Now, on to my layouts! I'm a bit behind with Project Life, but steadily catching up. The last few days, I've completed single-page layouts for Weeks 8 through 10, and a 2-page spread for my Day in the Life project {that I did on February 29}. This particular time of the year is when I got extremely busy with things and wasn't taking as many pictures as normal. So, rather than force myself to find pictures to include for a 2-page spread, I figured I'll switch to 1-page spreads for a few weeks until I have more pictures to include. The great thing about Project Life is that once the book is completed, it won't make a bit of difference that I only had 3-4 pictures for some weeks and other weeks I had 10+.

Week 8

On this layout, I focused on a baby shower that my husband & I threw for his cousin and his cousin's wife {if you read my blog regularly, you saw the post about it a few weeks back}. I loved a lot of the decorations and food we did for this party, so I knew I'd want to remember it. I used an Ali Edwards stamp on the left journaling card about welcoming new life into a family.

I also included the invitation I made:

I cut down a 6x12 page protector to fit the invitation {which is 5x7} and it just has a little overhang where the page protector is too wide, which doesn't really bother me that much. The back of the invitation has a coordinating chevron design so I didn't have to worry about finding something to put behind it.

Week 9

Week 9's layout included some ordinary, every day pictures in it that didn't require a lot of journaling because I knew I wanted to tell a longer story {that didn't include pictures} in the journaling slots. This week we talked with my sister-in-law and brother-in-law about the possibility of their adopting two of their foster daughters. The journaling in this post is just some thoughts on that and on the girls and how happy we'd be to have them legally part of the family {because as far as we're concerned, they're always going to be part of this family no matter what}. I created these journaling cards, printed them off and cut them down to 3x4 to fit in the slots.

Week 10

Week 10 was all about spring cleaning for us, so I just threw in some pictures about organization, throwing out, and generally what I was focused on this week. This was a very ordinary week for us, and I was pretty obsessed with making sure that things were put in their place, so I took photos of the contents of our fridge and of part of the pantry to include in my album {along with a stack of clothes we packed up for the move}. The filling card on the right side of the page is just an image I created a couple years ago with the days of the week on it. I thought it would be fitting on this light week.

You'll notice that the orientation is off on some of my photos. When I take photos with my iPhone, I don't tend to shoot horizontally. And while I like the vertical options in page protectors from Becky Higgins, they don't always fit my vision for the pages. So, I don't mind my photos facing the wrong way - I figure I can turn my head later on to see them better if I need to.

Day in the Life

I chose to do my Day in the Life project on February 29th this year, so it's actually inserted between Weeks 8 & 9. I asked my husband to help me out and take pictures of his day also, so you'll notice a couple from him. I had quite a few more, but honestly, I didn't like any of them, so this is probably more of a "Day in the Life at Work" project than a full day.

I did create some printed cards {you'll see one in the left journaling spot on this page} that said "Day in the Life", "February 29", and "Leap Day", just to add some extra details. I didn't really journal on this day, because I think the photos are pretty self-explanatory.

On this page, you can see the printables I made, as well as a saying I found on Pinterest that I liked especially for this day. As far as the photos go, Mike & I I both took photos on our way to work, and of our offices, which was interesting since we didn't talk about what photos we would take before the day got going.

There you have it, just a few layouts as I'm catching up with Project Life! I hope to have more updates for you after this weekend and FINALLY be caught up with this project. I do so much better when I'm caught up :)

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  1. I like the printables you made for your day in the life project.

  2. I love all of your personalize journaling cards. So bright and cheerful. Great for spring.

  3. I love the different perspective of so many of your photos. Wonderful layouts!