Thursday, March 10, 2011

Life Update

Good morning! And happy Thursday everyone :) (One more day til the weekend!!)

I thought I'd quickly update you on what's been going on around here, since apparently I have no spare time to blog. Ugh, I need at least 2 more hours in a day.

- Saranne & Brent picked this monogram for their aisle runner:
Which happens to be the one I wanted to make, so I'm really glad they liked it!

- I'm right in the middle of creating a boxed set of cards for a customer. She asked for 25 assorted cards (birthday, thank you, sympathy, baby, etc.) Because she's seen the stock of cards I have on hand a couple of times (and purchased some), I'm trying to make her completely new designs. Which is a little harder than I anticipated when I took this project on, since I already have about 50 "go-to" designs that I'm working on. Regardless, some really cute cards have come from this, and I'll hopefully get to photograph them this weekend and share here on the blog.

- I'm also attempting to come up with some invitation designs for another customer. "Light green, leafy, and simple" were the directions I was given. I love the freedom, but then realized that I rarely (if ever) use light green on anything, have zero "leafy" images, and try to avoid simple. :) The project is challenging, but I'm sure I can come up with something she'll like. One of the samples I'm going to send her features this image from an invitation set I created awhile ago:

(This is my fav of what I've already done and what I have in my head...so I'm hoping she likes it!)

- This weekend (well, Friday- Monday) is looking to be very busy and a lot of fun. Hopefully I'll remember to bring my camera to some of this stuff and be able to share pictures :)

- It's March 10, and I haven't even looked at my February Project Life photos. I'm terrible. I was much more content in February to just let things happen and see what photos came about. I'm sure I'll have some cute things to put in my layouts, but I need to get moving on them so I don't fall further behind (I haven't even put the January photos in my book yet, even though they were in my hands not long after I posted them in a blog post. Oops.)

- We got the cutest piece of art the other day, I absolutely love it and can't wait to get it in a frame and on the wall. It's called Land of Ampersand, by Katie Daisy - are you familiar with her work? If not, you should be. You can look at her etsy shop, thewheatfield (where I purchased my print) here.
- Work has been insane lately. Challenging (extremely), and rewarding (extremely) all at the same time. There's lots of big projects in the works, and even in the worst of times, I'm still extremely thankful that I work for this company and get to do something I love everyday.

That's about it...work, work, and more work...I guess that sums up my life lately. And lots of puppy cuddles with Miss Molly and sweet Abbygator (who loves to chew on everything - especially Molly's face - which is where she got her Abbygator nickname).

Have a great day!!

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