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Favorites of 2012

Hi all,

I'm writing today about some of my favorites from 2012. If you'd like to see what I posted last year, check out my Favorites 2011 post. I started this post sometime last week and Blogger has not been my friend with uploading pictures. Needless to say, Blogger didn't make the list. 

Favorite Apps
{I have an iPhone 4 for the moment, which I love, but I'm also looking forward to upgrading in March}

If you read this blog or follow me on Facebook {either personally or on Gather's page}, you've heard me mention my love for Instagram. Since I post just about every photo I take to Facebook anyway, this app saves me a ton of time. You can follow me @gatherboutique

myLife Calendar
I started off the year using the Calendar app that came with my phone and it just wasn't working for me. I have 3 calendars connected to my phone and I was duplicating a lot of appointments on that app. myLife seems to work out a lot better for me. It allows me to color code appointments so I know which calendar they're coming from. It also allows me a weekly or daily view and some different reminder and recurring appointment options. Plus, it's a lot prettier than the calendar app!

Although I'm slowly phasing out my Etsy shop to launch my new Gather Etsy shop, I still access my VDC shop on Etsy quite a bit. This app has really allowed me to touch base with my customers and manage my shop much more quickly. It's also dangerously fun for shopping when I have some time to kill.

Favorite New Recipe

Source: tasteofhome.com via Jen on Pinterest

This bacon corn dip is by far the best thing I've made all year. Every time I take it to a gathering or send it to work for a potluck, I'm bombarded with requests for the recipe. It is so good, and so simple to make.

Favorite New Holiday Recipe

Source: pattysfood.com via Jen on Pinterest

Every year, I try to hunt down a new recipe for cookies or candies to include in my baking bonanza. This year, I made about 25 dozen cookies and 10 gallons of different snack mixes, and this peppermint sugar cookie made the top of my list. It's definitely added to my annual line-up.

Favorite Holiday Purchase

Speaking of the holiday, these pillow cases were my favorite purchase this year. I got them from Pottery Barn after Christmas when they were on clearance, and I couldn't be more thrilled with them. The quality is great and the print is beautiful. I can't wait to use them next year when we decorate for Christmas! It looks like they might be sold out of them now, but I think they've had them for the last couple of years, so maybe they'll bring them back in 2013!

Favorite Green Product

I'm always on the lookout for items that will simply my life and be gentle on the environment at the same time. I'm really interested in the aspect of reusable products that are typically disposable, so these reusable towels were an awesome find. I purchased mine from this Etsy seller. I don't see any in her shop at the moment, but I'm sure you could ask her for a custom listing. She customized my fabric to match my new kitchen - 6 towels in dark gray and light gray chevron, and 6 in gray with white polka dots.

Favorite Nail Color

Coral was my surprise color love in 2012. I started wearing it in March and didn't give it up until about September {when I switch to my exclusively gray & black wardrobe for winter}. So, when I found this slightly darker than coral shade from OPI - Cajun Shrimp - I was in heaven.

Favorite Snack Food

I found this salsa verde at Trader Joe's early last year and I love it. It's easily my favorite salsa verde product, and I love it on homemade Mexican food or just to snack on with tortilla chips. It's so good that I'll make stops at TJ's just to buy more when I'm running low.

Favorite K-Cup

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw the picture I posted recently of my "problem" with K-Cups. I love trying new varieties, and it helps that I know so many people who have Keurig's and are willing to share with me. My favorite find for this year is the Half and Half Iced Tea by Celestial Seasonings. It's a great iced tea with just a little sweetener. I can normally find these at my local Walmart or Target, even in the winter.

Favorite Candle

I found this one late in the year, but it's something I'll continue to burn all winter {if it lasts me that long}. This is the Cranberry Pear Bellini 3-Wick candle from Bath & Body Works. I got it during a promotion so it was about $11 and completely worth it. I'll be going back to get another one within the next few weeks, I'm sure.

Favorite Memory Keeping Tool

I found Persnickety Prints when I was looking for somewhere that would print quality Instagram photos. I heard about Persnickety through the Project Life forum on Big Picture Classes, and decided to try them out. I love the quality of the prints they sent me! They're on nice, heavy photo paper with a matte finish. You can select a ton of different photo sizes, which makes them a really great option for Project Life photo prints. And they have speedy delivery, great customer service, and my inbox usually has a great offer from them for a discount. Try them out if you get a chance!

So, there you have it! Just a few of my random favorites that made the list this year. Let me know what you think if you try any of them, or if they made your favorites list for 2012. Have a great day! 

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