Tuesday, January 08, 2013

A Vintage Year in Review

Hey everyone!

One of the things we see most often in the blog world this time of year is the Year in Review. I've done it with regard to my goals for 2012 and my favorites of 2012, but I thought I'd try a new spin on it. A vintage year in review, to be specific. This year has been filled with vintage goodness for me, both at Gather and personally. Instagram has helped me share most of my finds with you throughout the year, but it's fun to see them all in one place.

So, without further ado, my 2012 in vintage finds:

This chippy white bed frame represents my longest drive in the middle of nowhere to find a great vintage piece. I immediately fell in love with the casters and the chipping paint job, and I almost tackled the woman who sold it to me when she told me she thought about scraping the paint off before I got to her farm. 

This great filing cabinet was one of my first major purchases for Gather, easily one of the heaviest, and one of the first sales I made on opening day. I still adore it, and sometimes wish I would have kept it for myself! 

This croquet set was the first thing I saw in a sale bill for an auction and immediately wanted, no matter what the cost. I paid a little more than I wanted to, but it came home with me and I almost jumped up and down when we won! 

This typewriter definitely has the best story - the grandson of the owner told us that his grandpa had typed letters to his family during WWII on this typewriter. I have no idea whether that's true or not, but it's cool to think about. 

This bureau gets the award for my favorite painted piece. The transformation was awesome, and I'd been imaging great things for it for a long time before I actually purchased it. The hardware is still my favorite that I've ever purchased, too. 

This great shop cabinet is one of the only pieces my husband and I immediately agreed would be coming home with us. We saw it in an auction, dirty, and piled full of junk, but knew it would be a great fit at Gather. 

This little blue desk was something I sort of hoped wouldn't sell. I loved it immediately when I saw it, but couldn't think of how I might use it personally. I stuck it in Gather while I thought about it, and it sold not too long afterwards. I know it went to a great home, and I'm glad someone is enjoying it {by the way, I still can't figure out where I would have put it, so I'm glad I didn't keep it}.

This little green chest was probably the most charming piece I bought all year. I got a steal, and it cleaned up so nicely. It sold the first day I had it in Gather. 

This pie safe caught the attention of the auctioneer who sold it to us, and he made sure to tell us we got a great find. I've always pictured a pie safe in my store, but it's still looking for a good home if you're interested!

This dry sink made the biggest transformation, in my opinion. It was in good condition when we bought it, but not at all my style. It looked great after we painted it white, and it didn't hang around the store for too long. We have a distant cousin of this piece, a corner hutch, being finished up and she will hopefully be in the store shortly!

This buffet is the biggest labor of love. The shape was amazing and the hardware is original, but the wood wasn't great. I gave it a gray & white treatment, and all the detail work almost killed me. It turned out so nicely that I really considered keeping it for myself. She just found a new home last weekend though and I'm glad to see that someone else loves her like I do!

These vintage suitcases & trunks have been my obsession all year. I look for them everywhere I go, and my stack stays pretty tall most of the time. The trunk on the bottom was my first purchase from an auction, and I withstood a downpour and the threat of a tornado to make it mine. 

Finally, my vintage sled. I found this last winter, and knew I would hang on to it for my first Christmas at Gather. It sold at my holiday open house, so I'll have to be on the lookout for one for next year! 

It's fun to look back at these pieces and see the trends in what I purchased: I love white furniture, or furniture that can be painted white. I love furniture painted in non-traditional colors that would add a pop to a space. I love metal that is rusty or covered in chippy paint. I love to put things in Gather that I would also put in my home.

I don't see any of those trends for Gather going away in 2013! 

Many thanks to all of you who visited Gather in 2012. It was an amazing 6 months filled with lots of stories and new friendships and fun finds. We can't wait to see what 2013 brings!

Speaking of that, here are our hours for the first half of 2013! 
Saturday, January 12
2nd & 4th Saturdays of every month,  February through May
10am - 3pm
Or by appointment

I also have this piece of news:
All Christmas merchandise is 25% off! 

This is our only Gathering in January, so make sure to stop in and see us! 

Have a great week, everyone!

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