Monday, August 15, 2011

It's the Little Things...

I've started to write this post about 5 times already this morning and the words aren't coming out correctly. I want to say so many things that are on my mind about courtesy and treating others as you'd like to be treated and how manners have seemingly gone away. And each time I try, I just get reminded about some of the things I've encountered lately, and I don't want to be reminded of those feelings.

While I was trying to form my thoughts, I  started looking through some pictures I have saved on this computer and found this:

Our sweet Abby Gator, on one of the first days we brought her home. I wish I could turn back time so I could pick her up and snuggle her. (Actually, I still try to do that, but she's almost as tall as I am now...let's just say it doesn't work too well.)

Life moves too quickly to dwell on negative things or to hope that others will be have in a way that you want them to. Instead, I'll just be extremely thankful that I had a mom who taught me how to say please and thank you. She taught me how to go out of my way to be nice to others. She taught me the difference between right and wrong and how to choose the right path when there was gray area between the two. She taught me to learn from my mistakes, cry without shame, laugh my way through life, and to say "I love you" whenever I felt like it.

I'm so blessed to have the life that I do. And I'm really lucky to have a puppy that freaking adorable...because come on, who can doubt how great their life is with that face in it?? :)

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